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Woman sliced in the neck in Alewife parking garage

Transit Police report officers responding to a report of a stabbing found a woman who had "sustained a serious laceration to her neck area" around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday inside the parking garage at the Alewife T station, where she was congregating with other homeless people. She was taken to a Boston hospital for treatment.

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It's not good for the homeless or anyone else to allow them to live in T stations.

It sounds like the Transit Police are trying to minimize this violent attack by labeling the victim as homeless.

Trying to be pro-active and answer the question of why there were people at Alewife long after the T had shut down for the night.

Sitting in my secure, properly heated house, with a well-stocked fridge downstairs and a nice health insurance card in my pocket.... I'm so sad about whatever sequence of events brought that woman to be living in the Alewife garage. One thing I know is that I'm not a better person than she is; I'm just damn lucky.


So was she.


Than the shelters

There's a killer on the march.