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Brighton restaurant owner brings Venezuelan food down to the Cape for those Venezuelans who were trafficked here

WCAI reporter Jeanette Barnes reports that one of the first people to meet the Venezuelans shipped from Texas by the governor of Florida after they were moved to Joint Base Cape Cod today was Katiuska Valiente. Valiente, is a native Venezuelan and former Univision Nuea Inglaterra anchor who co-owns Peka Restaurant in Brighton Center, which serves Venezuelan food - which she brought with her for the immigrants.


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I'm sure they were grateful for both the taste of home and the welcome from a compatriot.

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This is the restaurant that replaced Green Briar. I hadn't been yet because I had a few other places that I usually get my pupusas and arepas. But I should probably go there and see how theirs are.

In the meantime, I found she's also started a GoFundMe for a close friend's brother in Venezuela. So, I guess if people wanted to pay her in kind for the support she's offering the asylum seekers on the Cape, they could help her out here:


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Sorry to say but I have to do the same thing.


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Philanthropy aside Peka is in it's own right a fantastic restaurant with very friendly service, first rate cocktails, a really fun atmosphere, and great food. Really and truly one of my favorite restaurants in the city.

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Going to make it a point go try Peka next chance I get. Wonderful gesture by a kind-hearted person, in stark contrast with the over the top nasty and deceptive stunt by DeSantis.

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An angel. She just blocked out all negativity and focused on nothing but kindness and delivering the power of delicious food to grateful humans. That's how it's done.

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Governors Gregg (Coyote) Abbott, Ron (Wiley Coyote) DeSantis and Senator Ted (Cancun) Cruz were so sure Martha's Vineyard couldn't handle this influx that good ol' Cancun Cruz had a statement prepared where he basically said the islanders were losing their shit over this arrival.

Fortunately we are better than that and while Martha's Vineyard is not a sanctuary city (It's an island for God's sake) the refugees were treated with nothing but kindness, acceptance and respect.

I honestly don't think the Republican party can sink much lower than this, but they have surprised me before. I wonder what new low they will sink to?

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