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Broken rail at Kenmore switch latest woe for harried Green Line riders

The MBTA, which just announced completion of some serious track improvements along the B Line, is now telling riders to brace for trolley-to-trolley transfers and delays because of a broken rail at a switch at Kenmore station.

Seems a rail broke at Switch 61 at Kenmore. Workers were able to clamp it into position to at least allow through B Line service, but that, of course, doesn't help people on the C or D lines. Or as the T puts it:

C and D Branch eastbound service is continuing to terminate at Kenmore. Riders can transfer there to a B Branch train for further eastbound service. Passengers looking for westbound service can take a B train to Kenmore to transfer to a C or D train.



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They won't actually add more B trains (or even shuttle trains to Kenmore) to handle all the passengers east of Kenmore who won't have C or D trains to use to actually get to Kenmore.

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Not true at all. From what I am being told by a buddy of mine, they will be sending C & D trains into the subway as much as possible to maintain somewhat regular service levels. On the outbound, these trains will sign up as their regular assigned route until Hynes then switch to a B. There will be other C & D trains that just came out of the Kenmore Loop waiting for those passengers on the platform. The C & D trains that went through the subway, will then go in service all the way back to Boston College and then go out of service down Chestnut Hill Ave back to either Beacon St. or through the yard to the Riverside Line.

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Good timing!

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Not like there's a Yankees v Red Sox game tonight or anything...

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Like we need more suffering.

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Where there’s smoke there’s fire


But according to Charlie, the T is safe, so no problem.

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I had a drs appointment at the Atrius in Kenmore for 2pm. I left my house at 12:15pm to make sure I had plenty of time. I arrived at 1:55pm.

Waited over 10m for a non-E train at Haymarket
Took FOREVER to get down to Kenmore because the car was so full
Then waited over 10 at Kenmore for a loopback D to go to Fenway (station).

Leaving.. I left Atrius at 2:45. I had a hair appointment outside Davis at 5pm.

This time I just walked to Kenmore. Waited over 20 minutes for a inbound train to take me to Park street. 1 came, but it was so damn packed I could not get on, so I waited for the 2nd one.

The of course, the Red Line isn't speedy these days so I waited 12 minutes at Park for a train that pretty much went 5mph until Central.

I had all of 10 minutes to kill before the 88 took me to my hair appointment (that was 15 mins early for).

It took over an hour and a half to get from Kenmore --> Davis. Ridiculous.

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Driving there is incredibly aggravating because of lane restrictions and construction. The MBTA is a disaster getting there. Imaging trying to get there if you have medical issues.

Fortunately they have moved many specialists elsewhere. The Quincy, Braintree, Wellesley, Dedham, and Weymouth locations are reasonably accessible.

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