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One guess what a developer wants to replace a Seaport parking garage with

A Canadian developer says it will soon file plans with the BPDA to replace a 361-space parking garage on Farnsworth Street with a four-story life-sciences building with no parking whatsoever.

In a letter of intent, BentallGreenOak of Toronto, says that's a good thing, because it will eliminate "vehicle trips associated with public parking." The six-story garage has long been a place for parents to park on trips to the nearby Children's Museum.

BentallGreneOak bought the garage in 2015 for $44 million. Last fall, it sold 12 Farnsworth St., an office building across the street from the garage, with a Flour Bakery on the first floor, to a California real-estate firm for $49.6 million - along with a smaller property on Sleeper Street for $2.4 million.

17 Farnsworth St. filings and calendar.


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a parking lot?

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I was going to go with condos you can't afford, but now I realize that's silly because at least *someone* would be able to find new housing if it was condos.

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Pauly Shore was an innovator, man.

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Frank Stallone

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Thank you. I had forgotten about that and laughed my ass off after rewatching on YouTube.

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More life science square footage to drive life out of Boston.

Can’t wait for this BPDA public meeting.

More workers, no parking for them or families with small children going to the Children’s Museum.

More development, no affordable housing.

Let them eat Uber and Lyft.

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a nail salon.

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Damn. We park in that garage when we go to any of the restaurants in that area, such as Row 34. Admittedly, that's not often but it's convenient.

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If science (and engineering including the social kind) doesn't get on it fast enough there won't be that much human life to support, and thus without customers, the business model utterly fails.

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