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Imagine sitting on the T forever

Guy gets ahold of some old Red Line seats, the ones with the LSD-inspired patterns, turns them into chairs. Now when is somebody going to redo their basement with some of the fake paneling from the old Orange Line trains?

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They are kind of cute, not a bad item for a retro inspired apartment or someone with a rec room or for someone who posts on here all the time that has an MBTA tattoo


The MBTA has previously contracted with Ward Maps plus their own store to sell apparatuses taken from vehicles and stations. It would be cool if they parted out some of the retiring trains and sold things like seats, controls, lights, etc to hobbyists. There are some things I'd buy.

I still bummed I missed my chance at buying one of the fare (coin) units taken from an old bus from the pre-Charlie days.


Do they ship with stains of unknown origin or do I need to provide my own ?


The T gave them a new cushion along with the seat.


Loan them to a rowdy frat for their basement bar. Should smell like they did in the wild in no time!

First time riding new cars today, yay! What happened to the advertising signage (aka moderate revenue stream)?

How else am I to "learn Swahili and 200 other languages" at Boston Language Institute or keep tabs on "Blaine, The hair and beauty school?"

Yep, I'm old af


Seriously - MIT kids, of course. Nice work. Now can you fix all the other parts of the trains?


The author claims to have ridden the red line for years but refers to it as the "metro" instead of The T or just calling it the subway.


Turn those defunct Orange Line cars into housing!

To bad he doesn't appear to be selling them. They look like they would last forever. I'd be more interested in a settee though.

As for his 'Metro' reference I think his time in Philadelphia. San Francisco, Oakland and Mumbai, India explains that.