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Some passengers on a Framingham-bound train forced a door open to escape after nearly two hours stuck with no AC in the sun in Brighton

The 5:35 p.m. train from South Station to Framingham this evening pulled out of Boston Landing and died. And then sat there for almost two hours, with no power and so no AC and increasingly overheated passengers complaining about the lack of any communication from the crew about what the hell was happening.

Some passengers couldn't take it anymore and forced open a door and escaped - and then climbed over a fence off the tracks with the help of some nearby residents and a ladder.

Finally, the train was somehow pulled or pushed back to Boston Landing and the remaining passengers were told to get off and wait for the next train.


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Time to update the mbta grid



Why don’t we take all that encore money and build up the MBTA to 21st century standards ,


I literally hadn't thought about the place in a month until you said that.

I still can't believe that they spent all that money to build a place with no competition. Maybe they're banking on government not letting them have the monopoly forever...which the Libertarian in me thinks is smart too.

I'll take 20th century standards at this point

Bring back stagecoaches.

Sounds about right. Add this to Fed's long, long, long list.

Passengers left to their own devices to escape what could only have been an excruciatingly torturous and dangerous situation. Where were the T employees? Useless, as usual. Heads should roll for this. Society has become completely rudderless and the T is leading the way.

Almost two hours without AC? After 20 minutes I’d have busted out of there. This is really disgusting and beyond disappointing. Almost every day there’s another story about our pitiful trains.


There was no ventilation whatsoever.

If outdoor air moves through it is still going to be hot, but might not get unsafe.

This is the equivalent of the MBTA leaving people in a locked van in a parking lot. I can't see how that is possibly ever justified.


Can hardly wait for the propaganda spokesperson at the MBTA explain that this was not a mutiny by the passengers.

Check out this reddit comment thread - some conductors call out the T and Keolis management



From the top comment on that thread:

526, 527, and 529 went by without being ordered to initiate a rescue move

What in the actual good God-damned chicken-fried fuck. They aren't even capable of communicating (or comprehending) the simple fact that the train is dead as shit and ain't going nowhere.


It's been nearly a whole day and we have not yet seen the "we don't own that right of way so we don't control dispatching and can't send a relief train" trope.

I imagine that when someone moves into that neighborhood they know to expect train noise. I don't imagine they expect to have to rescue train passengers!


Yeah, I'm wondering where the ladder appeared from...

Yeah, I'm wondering where the ladder appeared from...

From somebody's garage or shed? Maybe a storeroom? Where do you keep the ladders at your house?


It was probably on the "down" side of the climb. You climb UP the fence on the track side, then DOWN the fence into someone's yard, and that someone kindly brought out a ladder.

You don't have a dedicated ladder room?

You don't have a dedicated ladder room?

No. And now I'm feeling the lack.

it's where I get all mine.

Yeah, I'm wondering where the ladder appeared from...

Fortunately, Commuter Rail's little-publicized Theater On The Train program was doing a production of Our Town that night.

Now you're getting the full airline experience for just a few bucks instead of shelling out hundreds. Kudos to the MBTA for this level of service!


Imagine being Charlie Baker, seeing this, and just giving absolutely zero (expletives).

Sounds kinda liberating to just not care about anything at all.


All he has to do is grin and bluff through another few months and then it's no doubt on to a lobbying job (possibly for Uber, that would seem fitting). That's the ultimate goal for a certain kind of bland sociopath: a job that pays well and gets your ego stroked in exchange for being willing to make things worse for strangers every day.