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Old-school West Roxbury breakfast place getting new owner, more menu items

Westbury Restaurant on Centre Street

Update: The new owner is Erdi Kembora of West Roxbury.

The yellow sign above the restaurant name says it all: On May 28, the Westbury Restaurant, next to where the bowling alley used to be before the post office moved in, gets a new owner - longtime owner Antonios Sevastos is retiring after serving up breakfast there for more than 30 years.

Our waitress today said the place will be getting an expanded menu and new silverware. One thing that won't be changing, she said, is the name: It will remain the Westbury.

That alone will set it apart from Auntie Bee's down Centre, which became the Rox Diner, and the Spring Street Cafe, which became Joe's 320 Cafe. People seeking an old-style - and cash-only - breakfast experience will now have to trek over to Mary Ann's on Grove Street, the Blue Star in Roslindale Square or Richy's on River Street in Hyde Park.

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Wishing Mr Sevastos a happy retirement. Will be strange to go for breakfast and not hear him hollering from the kitchen....

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...after I moved from Hyde Park to West Roxbury ten years ago. Usually he would holler either at his regulars who visited or the waitresses if they didn't get the food fast enough.

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Wasn't the bowling alley where Macy's Liquors is now?

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The bowling alley was where the post office and the Westbury is now. Macy's Liquors, AFAIK, was separate.

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there is an entrance to what was the bowling alley at the lower level back side of the PO. the building was rehabbed with the intention of the lower level also being used. that never came to fruition....not sure if GSA determine dual use to be a security violation.

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