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One Roslindale porch pirate might be down in the dumps

In the Keep Roslindale Quirky Facebook group, a resident of the normally bucolic Metropolitan Hill area reports she had a package stolen off her porch.

It was a box containing a Cologuard stool sample she'd put out for UPS to pick up.


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92% of the time I enjoy these stories.


Turd Burglars episode!


I've had package thieves too. Last packages were

Package 1 - Doggie butt wipes & vitamins
Package 2 - VESA mount

Not sure what they plan on doing with that stuff but sure...

…. most revolting headline in a while.

will take that crap.

Oh, I’ve had this happen. When I lived at the apartment complex in West Roxbury across the river from Mosley’s, I had a box of ostomy supplies stolen. It was returned within a day.