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Police in Brookline stepped up patrols at local synagogues after guy asked 'strange questions' at one

Brookline Police report they paid extra attention to synagogues this weekend after an incident at one congregation yesterday.

[W]e received a report of suspicious activity at a local temple where an unknown man approached a plainclothes security guard and began asking strange questions, including the number of members and if anyone can just walk in off the street. The man then noticed he was a security guard and left. Officers responded but were unable to locate the subject.

Police add:

We have communicated with all Brookline Jewish institutions about this incident and out of an abundance of caution, the Brookline Police will be providing an extra presence at temples throughout the weekend. In these times, it is important to say something if you see something.


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There's no connection between these attacks and harassment toward Jews (among others) and the rhetoric of one major US political party... you're wrong.

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Watch both mirrors - it's creeping up on your left too.


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