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Robot preps meals at West Roxbury eatery

MassLive reports a robot named "Alfred" is now working as a sous-chef at Bonapita, a pita place in the Star Market strip mall on Spring Street in West Roxbury. No word if he gets paid in cans of motor oil.

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That's why I avoid the automatic ordering kiosks and self-checkouts.

F robots. People first.


When it becomes possible to hire people to do these jobs, then yes put them work. In the meantime, trying to find someone to work at low level jobs is a bitch and the robots are happy to fill the gap.


Sorry, he won't and when we hit 8% unemployment, he will still be there and Michelle won't have a job.

Corporations trying to remove the human from the equation may be the future but I am not aiding and abetting while I still draw breath.

And all those people at Dexai robotics will have some work to do and get paid for it.

I will say, I went to their website and saw some of Alfred's work. Impressive but it seems like salad mixing would not have been in my top 100 needs for robots.


When it becomes possible to hire people to do these jobs,

It is possible now, so long as you are willing to pay a decent wage

trying to find someone to work at low level jobs is a bitch

I think you mean, “trying to find someone to work at low level jobs for crap pay is a bitch”


$22/hour to sling pizzas and they can’t find anyone to work. Not sure how much higher they should go, but $22/hour sure sounds well above a decent wage.

It is actually 45,760 a year so not really a livable wage.

$45,760 a year is $3,813 a month. You can absolutely live on that in Burlington, VT.

You pretty much have to have a car and the rents and home prices are nearly as out of control there as they are here. Been looking at real estate in the area and it seems like a lot of NYC is moving up there to WFH and outbidding the locals.

VT is also has the third highest median age of states of the Union, just behind NH and ME, which cuts the available labor force considerably.

Not to go all econ 101 on you, but if you can’t fill the job at $22/hr, obviously you need to offer more value either in dollars, benefits, or quality of the work experience.

Go out of business because no one is going to buy a $40 pizza.

do you boycott car manufacturers because the assembly line is mostly comprised of robots instead of pumping out bespoke hand-made automobiles?

yes, it sucks to see your job get replaced by a robot. But, as technology advances, simple tasks get automated and we can push off tasks nobody wants to do onto robots, automation will become more prevalent. Robots are going to be cheaper and more efficient than people in the long run. It’s going to happen, and it’s not worth getting mad at the robots. Instead push for a society where the state sufficiently supports people who no longer have these jobs, trains them for a new society, and ensures that no one has to work menial jobs for the sake of a paycheck.

Make enough to afford rent or a mortgage payment?