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Who but W.B. Mason could beat Dairy Queen in a trademark battle over the word 'Blizzard'?

The Boston Business Journal reports that after a three-year legal battle, a judge has concluded, in a 220-page decision, that the office-supply company's "Blizzard" brand of bottled water doesn't confuse consumers so much they'll buy that instead of Dairy Queen's "Blizzard" line of frozen dairy confections.

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And never heard of WB Mason Blizzard water, so I concur. :P


When someone is asked to order a case of water, this is what they get. Along with reams of paper, pens, etc. No one cares about the name. It's just the cheapest option and works with the purchasing system.

WB Mason could have just called it "Water Bottle Mason" and been on brand!


WB Mason could have just called it "Water Bottle Mason" and been on brand!

They could have, but there's no reason they should have. It was DQ who brought the suit, it was a stupid pointless suit, and I'm glad they lost.

To my knowledge, they have not become Dairy King.

I think you got the idea, however.

I think you have to defend your "brand" against any and all "infringements" otherwise it becomes open season. I never understand why you don't bring the suit and then settle for $1 and grant them the right to keep them name. Seems like you protect your brand but don't look like a complete dweeb. idk?

It's not like DQ invented that word. There were blizzards long before there were DQs. Suing over bottled water is really a stretch.

If I'm one, I wonder why the (expletive) they paid court costs for this nonsense instead of giving raises.

Hourly employees probably don't care.

So you'd probably have to ask the individual franchisees.

And part of the value which the chain provides to the franchisees is well-marketed and well-defended brands.