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You wouldn't think we'd need a rally against Nazi homophobes in Jamaica Plain, but here we are

Jamaica Plain News has the details on a Nazi Homophobes Out of JP rally at noon on Saturday after last week's performance by some guys not yet coordinated enough to do goosestepping.

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What's a bigger threat to the residents of Boston? A few out of town clowns or the nightly shootings killing our children?


Organize it.

People rallying against nazis doesn't mean they don't care about other societal ills.


Most of these clowns don’t give two shits about the bodies dropping in places they’ve never been to.

Doesn’t bring in the Twittah followers like white Nazis cosplayers from Pepperell do.


Assuming people you've never met don't give two shits about other people getting murdered is a clown statement, bro.

If you don't organize a rally against the pressing issue of my choice that I come up with off the top of my head, I'm going to assume you don't care either. Where's your rally against homelessness, clown?


No one would come to it.

Not fashy…err..flashy enough for the frauds.




Have you decided on a new person to get your opinions from, seeing as the current one will be taking an unplanned vacation in Danbury CT soon?

You want an endorsement for this man?
By Brian Riccio on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 11:53am.
Ask Monica Cannon-Grant. I trust her opinion on anyone in this town over what passes for a media any day.


That you?


Excellent classic "whatabout", the judges give it 9.6/10.


i think the severe lack of reliable public transportation in this area is a bigger issue than either of those things and since it is the law that we can only think about one thing at once, i say we tackle that issue


Rather than just putting on a holier-than-thou performance, you'll contact the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute.


I'm not sure you are trying to be reasonable here.

From Adam's list, there have been 9 murders by shooting so far this year. Nine unacceptable murders in about 7 months. I don't know if Adam has them all cataloged, but here's the 2022 Boston murder page, including non-shooting murders (you were specific on shootings): https://www.universalhub.com/crime/murder/2022

Neo-Nazis want to continue the legacy of those who murdered at least 10 million people over 6 years, likely several million more than that, murdered in a deliberate, organized manner and that number doesn't include those killed in uniform fighting a war they started.

These are not the same. They are different. They are both bad but they are not the same. I don't think you are commenting in good faith but I'm open to being proven wrong.


Yeah, and What about Subway skimping on the parmesan cheese when you order a meatball sub! Being angry at white racists polluting our streets with their putrid worldviews doesn't contribute to inner city violence. One doesn't invalidate the other.

So, as usual, thousands of people (and all the attendant hullabaloo that comes along with such a crowd) will show up to protest five or six decrepit, disorganized, near death guys that don't even have bullhorns, let alone PA systems,and who beat the retreat at any sign of resistance. People really need to start picking their battles. But such displays of virtue signaling are de rigueur now. It will be a fun and social afternoon outing for folks.


I’d go just to watch Rod Webber throw himself down some stairs again.


Dude should win an award for his acting.

I mean look here how they just slammed him to the ground


That clown did it on purpose. You'll notice that out of all the protesters there, that moron was the only one to get arrested.



...and let other people pick theirs, and stop bellyaching that other people aren't fighting your fight.

(not, I mean, that you're fighting it either, most likely...just whining about how other people aren't busting their asses for your cause, whatever that is)


local people with mental health and social problems, systemically inherited, sometimes act out and shoot each other. That's really BAD.

HOWEVER, it is the out-of-towner Nazi Whites who want to embroil the world in their fever dreams that we really have to worry about. To think otherwise is confused at best, racist and psychotic at worst.

He's not a true Natzi and needs to f()ck off with this BS