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Well, hey: Developer can live with a smaller project off Baker Street in West Roxbury than it originally wanted

The owner of an office building off VFW Parkway near where the Needham Line crosses under Baker Street has told the BRA it wants to build 56 residential condominiums on the land.

In December, Keystone Development told residents it was looking to put 138 condos and 210 parking spaces on the property, which has an address of 270 Baker St. even though it is not accessible from Baker Street. Nearby residents proved about as thrilled with the proposal as one might expect.

According to Keystone's letter of intent, it would put the units in a series of "multi-family structures and townhouses" - and would provide 118 parking spaces for the units.

The office building, which includes a daycare center, would remain.

270 Baker St. letter of intent.


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Is this really a bad thing? I ask this honestly because there appears to be a great demand for any sort of housing in Boston. Are those 56 units going to spell transit and school enrollment doom? Won't they be contributing additional property taxes?

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Sure, there will be more traffic on the VFW but it's not like this is being built on a some quiet residential dead-end.

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