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You've been able to get something to eat at one Harvard Square corner for more than 100 years now

Old greasy spoon in Harvard Square

The Cambridge Historical Commission has been digitizing old photos, maps and documents, among them, this 1918 photo of the corner of Boylston Street (now JFK Street) and Mt. Auburn Street in Harvard Square, with this caption:

Lunch where we all ate. Connor. Betty (sic) known as Mothers, or greasy spoon. Cambridge. Mass. 40 & 32 Boughton St. 1918

Today, there's a Tasty Burger at that spot.

Links to additional collections and resources.

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You're right, it should've been Boylston in the Flickr record -- looks like it was a transcription typo. It's since been corrected!

- Emily, CHC Archivist

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It's too crowded

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...even though you can no longer park your car in it.

(waits for inevitable Harvard Yard dialect jokes...)

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...getting busy updating the map of Boston Boundary Stones.


Here's my informal rules for the game:

* Don't edit the monuments as "confirmed" unless you've personally seen them.
* Please post a picture (or three) and take from as close to the same angle as the photos in the 1896 book as you can.
* Annotate your edits with your initials, and the date.

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