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Police arrest man with cash stuffed down the front of his pants for Charlestown bank robbery

Boston Police report arresting a Charlestown man on charges he couldn't be bothered to leave the Town to rob a bank yesterday morning.

Even if Robert Brady, 40, didn't have "a large bundle of US currency" bulging from the front of his pants, officers would have been able to catch up with him because of the two GPS devices in the sack of money he fled with from the Cambridge Savings Bank in Thompson Square around 11:20 a.m., police say.

According to police, arriving officers quickly used one of the GPS devices to track the moving money to the area of Laurel and Cedar streets, moving towards Bartlett Street.

Officers on Bartlett Street then noticed a guy matching the description given by bank workers several blocks away walk across Walker Street towards the Edwards Middle School.

Officers observed the suspect as he continued to check back over his shoulder. Upon seeing the approaching Boston Police cruiser, now about 10 feet from him, the suspect, later identified as, Robert Brady, 40, of Charlestown, immediately broke into a sprint, running away from the approaching officers.

Brady, unable to outrun the law, was arrested on a charge of armed bank robbery, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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So has Marky Mark optioned the film rights for this gritty bank caper story yet?

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Corby lazy joke. You get no points

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I'd hate to be the 1 that to find the hiding spot

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...explodes at the worst possible moment...

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A whole new meaning to the term pat and frisk!

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Dianne Wilkerson?

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