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Of course delays on the Red Line have causation: There's a dead train at South Station

The MBTA reports an outbound train flatlined at South Station, causing delays of 15 minutes heading out of town from there.

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Just from Park St. to Charles and back just to get a taste. It should only take you an hour or so.

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Remove the subsidies and expenses for all elected officials for just a month, and give them free T passes instead.

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The state reps from Berkshire County could make good use of those.

(Note, I do think Metro Boston legislators should use public transit, but the Boston centric quality of the comment needed to be pointed out.)

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The website IS called "Universal Hub." It's Boston-centric by definition. Adam lives in Boston.

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But go outside of 495, and some might take issue with that bias.

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What are you talking about? This is a Boston-based website dealing with Boston-based issues. Is Adam somehow "biased" against Houston or the Ivory Coast because he doesn't write a lot of stories about them?

As for the commenter above, this is a story about the MBTA for crying out loud! Of course it's going to elicit responses about the MBTA region. And given that Boston happens to be the capital of the state, the governor spends a lot of time getting around the city, as do many (most?) state legislators.

I think it bespeaks an inferiority complex that you extrapolated a belief that the commenter above somehow is biased against western Massachusetts.

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While this website might be Boston centric, the Commonwealth does extend far beyond that. I mean, can you explain how a state rep from North Adams can get to Beacon Hill reasonably using the T?

So yeah, expecting every member of the General Court to take the T to work is a bias against western Massachusetts.

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The MBTA only serves Boston?

Amended idea: Give the state reps outside the MBTA's service area mileage reimbursement only to get to the nearest commuter rail station (Worcester in the case of the Berkshire reps).

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