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Three shot in Dudley Square

On Dudley Street at Warren Street, around 9:30 p.m. Police found a man and a woman, both with gunshot wounds to the leg. About 20 minutes later, the third victim walked into a local emergency room. Not long after that, an officer found a gun in a parking lot around the corner on Warren Street.

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Thousands of commuters use the busy terminal every day, They deserve safety. I know the MBTA's response will be it happened outside the station, The least they could do is turn the lights on in the police substation inside the terminal.

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has begun to creep up again, here in Boston. Rather scary.

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Crime is still way down. It's mostly criminals shooting, stabbing, and beating on other criminals now.

The press refers to "gun" or "knife" violence but it's really "gang" violence.

Hopefully the legalization of pot will help dry up some of the black market and money fueling the gang warfare throughout the city.

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weed is muuuuuch cheaper from your local dealer still

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Some friends and I have been talking about this very thing for the last few months. We generally agree that the primary market for these shops is going to be the medical card patients and the hipster/yuppie crowd.

The first two shops are also in Leicester and Northampton. More will be opening, sure, but for the time being... Would Francys Q. Toker really be willing to regularly drive out to those shops in lieu of meeting their guy at the local Dunks and "taking a walk/cruise"?

And what of folks who don't have autos? From Greater Boston you can easily get to Leicester via railroad + WRTA... but that's a whimsical day trip. And if you live in Gloucester, Seekonk or Onset? At least if you live in the WRTA service area you only need to make one transfer to pick up. But if you already have a local plug... use that bus fare to buy a pack of Raws...

The Northampton shop does have a prime location in the valley. But the "P" in PVTA don't exactly stand for prime transit.

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Allow for mail order via common carriers through a verified account which requires ID with a matching shipping address at the initial application.

This is how many states handle liquor, cigars, fireworks, ammunition, and prescription sales via mail. Or is Massachusetts too much of a puritanical backwater to allow for 21st century conveniences?

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Sharing with friends.

A lot of people are doing this now. It is a very safe, secure, and social way to LEGALLY produce high quality weed and avoid the black market all together.

We grew a couple of badass plants and used the "sugar leaves" to make some screemin cookies. There was a lot of trading that went on, particularly with the spectacular edibles that I made from the clippings. A shot of vodka in the cannabutter goes a long way to extract the nasties.

As I said, it is social and a lot of fun (and I rarely partake of any of it).

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