Charlestown man now charged with ten counts of rape in January kidnapping case

A Suffolk County grand jury today charged Victor Pena, 38, of Charlestown with kidnapping and ten counts of aggravated rape for a January incident in which he allegedly forced a woman to accompany him to his apartment in the Bunker Hill development in January, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Pena had originally been charged with kidnapping and three counts of rape in connection with the woman's disappearance after she left a Union Street bar early on Jan. 19. Authorities say they tracked Pena and the woman on the Orange Line, from which they exited at Community College for the walk to his apartment. They found the two in the apartment on Jan. 22.

Innocent, etc.



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Is this data somewhere online so I can read what exactly happened?

What data?

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It's probably based on interviews with the victim.



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No one who isn't directly involved with the case (i.e. lawyers) should need nor want to read the details, unless they have some perverse ulterior motive. Disgusting. Agreed: Anon's comment should not have been posted.


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Why do you need to read exactly what happened? Isn't it clear enough from the charges? Doesn't this girl, who has been through worse than most of us can imagine, deserve at least some level of privacy?


Ten fingers for ten counts

so he can get himself off while reading the precise details of this woman's suffering and victimization.

Or, alternately, so he count at least 10 times that the victim "is lying and making this up for attention, money, etc," and in some way was "asking for it."


Good faith?

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I know that this is the comments section and all, but must we always attribute the worst intentions to what could very well be a question made in good faith? I'm sure that there are some folks out there who's desire to see the details are based in some sick, voyeuristic motivations - but there's no way to know that this is the case here.

I believe that we can balance respect for the victim's privacy with disclosure of what evidence the state bases it's charges against the alleged perpetrator. While I'm sure the information will come out at trial (if things progress that far) I don't think that it's unreasonable to ask for evidence when the government takes someone's freedom away.

For the record, this guy looks guilty as hell, and I hope he rots - but we can't run a legal system based on perception alone.



It's just interesting how...

some UHub commenters feign like they don't know what rape is and are so thirsty for "lurid" details of these kind of crimes.

And by "interesting" I mean "disgusting and voyeuristic."

How would knowing the precise and meticulous details of the 10 counts of rape contribute to an understanding of the story being reported?

Like, I don't have to view the evidence in the case against the suspect accused of recording BLS students to understand the nature of charges that dude is facing.

In fact, I'll take it further: I NEVER want to view videos of school children using the bathroom to understand how prosecutors are building a case for charges related to the sexual exploitation of minors.

And I don't need to further contribute to Olivia Ambrose's (or anyone else's) trauma by needing every single detail about each count of rape her accused abductor is charged with. Jesus ever-loving Christ.


I mentioned Olivia's name

Because she is a human being and this incident does not define her.

And her name is a matter of public record from the reporting of this story. It initially started out as a missing person's case...and knowing Ambrose's name and physical description was a part of the efforts to locate her.

As Phil Ochs sNg

How did it happen? I hope his suffering was small.
Tell me every detail, I've got to know it all,
And do you have a picture of the pain?

Now that this is a sex crime,

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Now that this is a sex crime, the victim is entitled to not be named for her privacy. You're as bad as the OP. Grow up.


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I think you need to have been here for a while to see some of the same names popping up, even if they don't have official logins.

Those actually involved in

Those actually involved in the investigation and trial get to ask for all the evidence they need. Ghouls sitting at home aren't entitled to anything.


You do the work

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It's probably somewhere in the Grand Jury filings or if sealed, will be available when it goes to trial.

You do the work of searching it out. No one here is going to do that work for you.

On the off chance...

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...that your intentions are somehow not sick and malign, I'm going to suggest that you think real hard about what you just asked. And, ideally, reevaluate your life.



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Well it just seems like the police threw every possible charge at the guy. As if they're afraid some of the charges he'll be found innocent of, i.e. kidnapping,

Stop and think first

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He was already charged with three rapes. Now he's charged with ten rapes. The main difference is how long a sentence he'd get if he's convicted.

That they've increased the number of charges is hardly unusual, either. He was charged as soon as he was arrested. Police don't just stop investigating a case as soon as he was arrested, so what probably happened was they uncovered more evidence and when the case went to the grand jury, they presented the new evidence and the grand jury voted accordingly on what charges to bring.



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I don't understand certain aspects of the legal process, so thanks for the info. I'm just hoping the charges are enough to get him behind bars.

Since you are so interested..

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Since you are so interested...
Why don't you read this (Chapter265 Section22)

Or if that doesn't make sense, read this:

Elements of Rape/Sexual Assault:
1) Penetration of ANY bodily orifice by ANY body part or by ANY object,
2) Against a person’s will, or without consent,
3 ) With threat of or actual use of force.

Sexual Intercourse:
Penetration (anal, oral or vaginal) by a penis, tongue, finger, or an inanimate object.

Do really want to know "what exactly happened"? Really?

OK, here is what happened.
A trained investigator interviewed the victim.
The investigator found that the above criteria occurred TEN times.


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The fine details of this case are less than none of our business at this point. Anyone on here wanting to get deeper info on what (allegedly) happened needs to relax and wait for this to go to trial, or is otherwise adjudicated...if they're that desperate to read more about this horrific event.