BPD, State Police, DA and FAA impress on kid that he should never, ever fly a drone over Fenway again

Drone over Fenway

Drone circled for your convenience. Photo by James Sauerbaum.

Boston Police report that they and other law-enforcement agencies have recovered the drone thousands of Sox fans spotted flitting about over Fenway Park during Thursday's game.

"The operator of the drone at the time of the incident has been identified as a juvenile," police say, adding the investigation, which started during the game when officers on Fenway details were directed to look for anybody who might be operating the drone, continues.

Yesterday, MassDOT posted the rules of the "Drone Road," which include "Never fly over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people" and never fly them at night.



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Really wish news stations used drones

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Really wish news stations used drones instead of helicopters, they are significantly quieter than a helicopter. Traffic near my place is loud enough when there is no accident much less 2 copters in the sky. But the FAA won't let the news stations use them, if I remember correctly.


Some news stations do. A guy

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Some news stations do. A guy I went to high school with does drone photography for a local news station in VA now.

Why not at night?

I have seen them used several times to record night-time events, including several sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council.