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Person shot in Charlestown

Live Boston reports somebody was shot around 1:30 a.m. in the area of 140 Main St. in Thompson Square. Injuries not considered life threatening.



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There seem to be shootings all over the place, now! It's crazy!

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I think I heard it. There were like 7 loud bangs and then a car zooming.

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Yes he is certainly have been a tremendous increase firearm incidents of all kinds in our great City of Boston.

It is time Boston and the people of New England focusing a little more energy attempting in achieving changing our gun laws.

LETS CHANGE OUR FIREARM LAW, they need more teeth into them.

Society has changes significantly when it comes to gun violence. Firearms are overly available to the untrained and criminals. Our current gun laws appear to be antiquated and does not act as an effective deterrent. It is important that we should at least begin to research effective deterrent and they can't take two years to enact.

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totally revolves around and depends on the gun, and it's come home to roost in many more ways than one. What we're seeing now are the net results of the United States being entirely too gun-happy, as a society.

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