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Three injured in firey two-car crash in Uphams Corner

Stacos reports both cars in a crash on Columbia Road near Sayward Street rolled over in the crash shortly after 3:30 a.m. and that one caught on fire. NBC Boston reports three people were injured. Photos.

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Aerial footage from NBC10 Boston's Sky Ranger helicopter showed a charred vehicle with severe damage blocking a street in the area and a second damaged vehicle on the other side of the road.

I guess that explains the helicopter madness over Dorchester starting at friggin 5:30 this morning. It lasted almost 2 friggin hours.

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Believe me, I heard it, too. Had also heard the crash around 3:30

We were trying to figure out if was news helicopter or police. The way they were slowly sweeping the area, we wondered if they were looking for a fugitive.

I phoned the "lifelike and local" people at 1030 radio after I got to work this morning to point out how nice it would have been if the ten-minute traffic cycle had mentioned that a major artery (Columbia Road) was closed.

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Based on the aerial shots TV stations were posting on Twitter this morning.

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I don't remember which one I was listening to this morning, but either WBUR or WGBH mentioned this accident during its traffic reports and told people to avoid the area.

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I was gonna write an annoying spellcheck comment but honestly I kinda like "firey" better.

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First and foremost I hope that all of those who were injured and this accident recover quickly. And all those who suffered property damage due to this accident he made whole quickly

Let's make it clear that this type of accident what's going to happen soon or later on Columbia Road. Not knowing the facts surrounding this particular accident. However I know for a fact every weekend particularly after 1 a.m. Columbia Road becomes a drag strip. There have been numerous calls made to BPD in reference to Reckless speeding drag racing and a host of other dangerous motor vehicle activities on Columbia Road every weekend after 1 a.m..

It's been asked that Boston police do selective Motor Vehicle Enforcement during this time it hasn't happened maybe since after this accident things will change let's see.

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