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I-93 ramps near JFK/UMass to be shut at 7 p.m.

State Police report the ramps to and from the expressway at Exit 15 (Columbia Point) will be shut at 7 p.m. so workers can try to do something about that derailed Red Line train at JFK/UMass. When will they reopen? State Police say your guess is as good as theirs.



Are they closing the ramps on the highway?

The exit ramps from the Southeast Expressway to Columbia Road will be closed.


I would guess to have the option of using a crane from the ramp and/or Columbia to brace the train car on the tracks below.

That’s it exactly. A crane placed on Columbia above the train car. They intentionally waited til after rush hour.

That or just an abundance of caution, considering the derailment was right underneath them.

T riders can't have all the fun to themselves.