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Woolens, metals, paperstock and bottles: James Cheevers had it all

James Cheevers's storefront in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



P.B. Ale = purest and best: https://www.buttonmuseum.org/buttons/van-nostrands-ale-bunker-hill-brewe...

It was brewed in Charlestown, but distribution expanded city wide by 1890.

(note: it pisses me off that Google now gives a spambucket of Sam Adams advertizing links for any search containing ale and boston)

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Dealer in woolens, metals, paperstock & bottles
called a Junk dealer back then, Recycling firm now.

205 Causeway Street Boston

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Upstairs was probably just a giant trophy room because they were over a cheevers.

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And this was on Atlantic Avenue...... I read a article on trades back then and I ran across his name

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Without looking at the answers, I could swear that's Meridian Street, East Boston, closer to Central Square.

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Thanks for playing folks! This photo shows 18-20 Water Street in Charlestown. It was taken on February 27, 1896. Here's a high resolution scan of the image that you can zoom in on

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