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Not just traffic lights: Annoying Readville bridge also getting repairs

MassDOT reports five weeks of overnight repair work on the Father Hart Bridge in Readville begins Sunday night.

The bridge will still be open during the work, which will last between roughly 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., each night, but limited to one lane.

Crews will be conducting concrete repairs on the bridge deck and sidewalks, repairing bridge joints, and putting in place a new asphalt wearing surface.

Signage, law enforcement details and messaging will be in place to guide drivers through the work area. Drivers who are traveling through the area should expect delays, reduce speed and use caution.

The work comes as crews hired by the city are putting in traffic lights and new sidewalks on either side of the bridge, also known as the West Milton Street Bridge, which spans the Northeast Corridor and Franklin Line train tracks just north of Readville station.

The city work also includes updates to the traffic lights and sidewalks in nearby Wolcott Square.




Went over the Hart bridge going into Hyde Park. I turned left after the bridge, and noticed a new wider sidewalk. Unless there are trikes or ATV's using this, it will be a problem when the snow mounds are left there.
When turning off the bridge onto Hyde Park Ave., it is being tightened to single lane with no area for any snow.

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Since when does the city design a wider street/sidewalk specifically for snow piles. The sidewalks are quite a bit wider than the ADA legal minimum of 36-inches. Be thankful the city is investing in our neighborhood.

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