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Police break up teen knife fight outside Hyde Park McDonald's

Boston Police report arresting two teens, one 15, the other 16, they say were unsuccessful in repeated attempts to stab each other in the parking lot of the McDonald's at 1312 Hyde Park Ave. before officers arrived yesterday afternoon.

Police say the two squared off around 4:05 p.m. but that officers arrived not long after because an off-duty officer saw the two trying to stab each other and called it in.

Police add the off-duty officer grabbed the 15-year-old until on-duty officers arrived. The older teen ran away, but was captured a few blocks away, police say, adding the two were both charged with being delinquent for assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

This is the same McDonald's where an officer trying to get some unruly students from nearby Roxbury Prep out may have used racial slurs last month. The officer was put on leave pending an investigation.

At a meeting of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association last night, police said they could not discuss the case because it was still under investigation.



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He could team up with his friend the Joker and scare these trouble making teens straight.

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To a knife fight.

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I wish I could find some humor in this incident but I can't. Somebody could have lost their son, brother, cousin, nephew and friend in this deadly altercation.

Our young people if you haven't notice are becoming increasingly violent and radically rebellious. How are young people are rude loud belligerent disrespectful angry and they are hurting in ways that we cannot even imagine this type of behavior apparently is manifesting into action and we are all in danger.

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Increasingly violent? Are you sure?

High school kids in 1975 or 1985 never got in knife fights? Or 1300's (Romeo and Juliet) or 1877 (Billy the Kid committed murder at age 17 in 1877).

young people if you haven't notice are becoming increasingly violent and radically rebellious

I'm not saying it's good, but just don't claim everything is getting worse unless you really know that it is.

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Of course this must be coming from someone who has a limited interaction with the Youth of today.

You don't have to trust me when I say I am very sure of my words.

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Asking for the DA?

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Was not wrong and the Roxbury Prep students made up their BS story about pushing them

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The students never claimed that the police action at McDonalds was out of line. It was the behavior by E-18's less than finest on the way back to the school that was the source of the complaint.

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Forget about it

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