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Developer would put four new floors of apartments atop vacant Brighton Center storefront

Architect's rendering of Market Street proposal

Rendering by Choo & Co. of Quincy.

Developer Henry Chen has filed plans with the BPDA to add four floors with 23 apartments to a currently vacant one-story building between the Rockland Trust and Santander Bank branches on Market Street in Brighton Center.

The ground floor would remain as commercial space, although Chen, the owner of Cynergy Realty, would seek to rent it out rather than let it lie fallow. His $4.5-million proposal, is, of course "transit oriented," although it also includes 24 parking spaces in "the increasingly popular Brighton community."

The building is ideally situated within close proximity to several MBTA bus routes, making it a convenient commuter building for future residents. The Project is located within Brighton Center, which provides residents of the building plenty of opportunities to live, dine, conduct business, and thrive, with access to a number of restaurants, cafés, stores, and banks.

Three of the apartments would be rented as affordable.

UPDATE: A public meeting originally scheduled for March 3 has been canceled.

421-425 Market St. small-project review application (6.1M PDF)



How dare they propose housing that isn't suited for the nuclear family that no longer exists! Apologies for triggering Councilor Breadon.



Liz has been in office less than a month, and the online abuse squads are already at her.

This is about money versus families, however you might define them.

And I hope I triggered some real estate profiteers.

but how many double-parking spots??


brighton is changing.

The five and ten...the diner counter. The goldfish tank at the back.

Bland garbage that can't inspire anything. If that's the "change" you want, that's the change you'll get. Large square brick bullshit. The only thing about the location is it won't flood, which makes this project infinitesimally less stupid than building it in/near Seaport.

Alright already, enough is enough with these low effort mockups. Is that what they teach you in architect school these days ? If an employee of mine had turned in that pathetic street-view ripoff I would summarily fire them.

You get what the client is willing to pay for. Which isn't much.

Someone who can build 23 apts for $4.5MM is clearly new at this. It should be at least double in this current construction climate.

Let me introduce you to the Brighton NIMBY squad and then see what you think about this "construction climate"

Double the units, or double the cost? That's about 200k/ unit, sounds great for new construction in the current market. Feel free to explain how I'm misunderstanding...

Would be great if they could put a bank branch on the first floor!