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New Yorker takes advantage of coronavirus to score a parking space in Charlestown

Note warning passersby not to touch person's car because he or she has the 'rona

Live Boston spotted this New Yorker's old Volvo and its notes in the Charlestown Navy Yard today.



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Is this going to be the new "park anywhere" tactic? Sorry I parked here: I have Coronavirus!


Give the car a ticket. Owner can appeal, showing a note from their physician that they were Covid-19 positive.

Towing would be tougher, since if it were a private tow lot, they would want to be compensated for their work. Still, something the city could handle.

But honestly, does the drive really want us to believe that the bumper of their car has the virus.

Also, if they were positive for the virus, why did they go out in public to put that note in the car? Come to think of it, screw them. They put the public in danger to avoid a ticket/tow.


Are not being tested!

....for something like four years. The sign, made out of notebook paper, was yellowed.


"Sorry I parked here. I work in healthcare and have Coronavirus."

why moving your car necessarily means exposing others. Presumably you can still see other people to give them any necessary distance while walking to/from your car? And what parts of your car do you need to touch other than the door handle (which no one else should be touching anyway)? Feels like a weird excuse more than anything.


Where do you live? Where I live, many dozens (if not hundreds) of people all live in one building, and share the same few doors, railings, and airspace.

If I were this person's neighbor, I would be hoping they stay the hell inside their apartment. Moving your car is not a good reason to risk infecting your neighbors.


I have to use those few doors, railings, and airspace to go to the grocery store, take a walk, etc. Adding one trip up and down the stairs once a week to move a car doesn't seem like a huge thing to add (and its pretty easy to combine with any of those other movements).

Someone with coronavirus should make it their business not to go to the grocery store or take a walk. Especially if they live in a multi-unit building.


The person left their apartment, after allegedly being diagnosed, to put the notes in/on the car. That’s how much they care about their neighbors.


They could have been diagnosed at the doctor's office, then drove home and left the notes before going inside.

There is no publicly available covid19 testing in the United States that will give you results same day.

I thought ticketing was halted for now. Maybe that was a different town.

no resident stick car has a bright orange reminder of the rules

Is now COVID-19.


Medical professionals should not be ticketed/ towed right now.

Sure, Doc. Whatever you say.

I saw this on the Internet and it's never steered me wrong.

The amount of anger you should feel over anything car-related should be inversely proportional to the value of the offending car.

Get cut off by a late 90s Camry? Meh. They probably have enough problems already.

A BMW or a Tesla parked in the fire lane? What selfish bastards!


So let's pour bleach all over the car until it's fully saturated.


Sterilize it with Fire :)

And it certainly won't work here..

You're supposed to start spreading the news, not coronavirus.


The borders of NY need to be closed.

If the car is here over 30 days with NY plates, call 1-800-I-PAY-TAX. Years ago, when many motorists in MA wrere registering in low tax NH, the RMV created the 1-800-I-PAY-TAX hotline to report out of state plates on vehicles principally "garaged" (parked) in MA. At the time, the local investigative media periodically followed the story with hidden cameras and reporters popping out of the bushes to startle motorists in their driveways by asking "If you live here, why is your car registered out of state?" The media deserved some credit when the hotline was created and proved effective at the time. The number still works but they require this written form. I would include on the form the fact that they are claiming Corona virus to obtain a parking benefit.

...and if they're claiming it to intimidate anyone (particularly parking enforcement) from touching the car, they could conceivably be charged with making terroristic threats.

I think the RMV should suspend enforcement of this rule, since they're not offering most in-person transactions.

Also it's kind of ridiculous. What is someone who spends 6 weeks here on and off supposed to do, get new plates 9 times a year?

And I suppose this would have been applauded as brilliant if some Masshole had done it?

If you were positive when you went out to put the note on your car, you already put others at risk. You could have moved it then.

Don't worry, BTD is wearing gloves when they ticket and tow.