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Ayanna Pressley has coronavirus-like symptoms

Sarah Betancourt at CommonWealth reports that US Rep Ayanna Pressley is awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test after developing flu-like symptoms.

Rep. Seth Moulton reported today he also has symptoms.



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Scary times.


lots of us have it. Most people like me that probably have it are not getting tested!


Maybe not a big deal for you. But what about for the 15 people you infect, some of whom will need a ventilator and can't get it?

Or maybe you won't be so lucky. Not everyone under 70 has an easy time.

Please stay home.


I have been!

Um... it is a big deal. Stay away from others.


Around 20% of people with it will need hospitalization, which is enormous. Hospitals can't cope and some people who might have otherwise lived with medical care will die if the hospitals run out of beds and equipment. (See China, Italy, and Spain.)

So it's a very big deal even if the fatality rate is "only" 1-3% when considering all cases.


With the information we have available coming in from all around the world people still say "no big deal"?!

You know, it's a myth that a frog will let itself gradually boil to death in water. The frog is smart enough to jump out. But as this virus rate slowly increases to a rolling boil here in Boston, some people are proving they are dumber than frogs.

yes I am isolating!

I tried to get tested, but was declined - which is a huge issue in this pandemic IMO, and I love to complain about it!

She gets it...


Wow, I'm glad I'm not a medical professional like you.


That's the reality on the ground. Because our federal government stockpiled jets and tanks and bombs and kneepads for appeasing corporations but didn't stockpile enough medical supplies doctors are having to choose who lives and who dies.

Yeah it sucks. Call your elected officials.


Even NY is holding it together for now. But it sadly may come to picking who lives and dies.

Hoping against hope that this experiment with the anti-malarial and azythrimicin somehow manages to work. Read that it was effective within six days. That means we'd get some word over the weekend if there is promise.

Fingers crossed everyone.

...if we let it continue to spread. I too hope that hydroxychloroquine and azythrimicin does somehow work, but remember, "working" most likely means it fights the virus in an infected person and provides some measure of improved survivability/recoverability. Even in the most optimistic view, it isn't gonna be a magic bullet. Let's indeed keep our fingers crossed but stay home while we're doing it.


hospitals from stockpiling. Not a single one did.

Why is this the government's fault solely?

Hospitals worked with the government to create the "Certificate of Need", which made it effectively impossible for new hospitals to open without government permission. As such, we don't have enough beds or ICU wards.

The federal government does actually have a national stockpile. 100MM masks were in it, but it was emptied during H1N1 (under Obama) and then never refilled (for 7 years, again, under Obama). Trump never refilled it, either, but there's plenty of blame to go around.

for that pretzel you got cookin' up in your head?

This. Is. On. Trump.

Underlying health issues, he should get it.

Not to mention he’s a vet.

Sorry but no. The “ruling class” mentality is dying in this country. No more special treatment for elected officials. If she were a true leader, she would give that ventilator to a child who needs it.


This is a purely hypothetical, nonsensical, false choice. Stop acting like it's serious.

I'm no doctor, but, no, I'm not going to allow posts that push unproven drugs that have already killed at least one moron.


That idiot died from ingesting fish tank cleaner not the actual medication.



...however, what killed those people wasn't an "unproven drug" but an aquarium cleaning product that included chloroquine as (one of?) its active ingredients. There are a lot of unknowns, including the safe dosage of chloroquine, and also what those people died of (chloroquine, excessive dosage of chloroquine, some other ingredient, etc.).

Edited to add: the drug absolutely IS unproven WRT any efficacy for coronavirus treatment or prophylaxis. No one should be giving Adam shit about calling it that.


Nobody, I repeat NOBODY was killed by an "unproven drug". Be better Adam.


Reality TV host and failed steak salesman with no medical background and a base of rabid followers who revere him as omnipotent and all knowing suggests possible remedy during a pandemic and a nervous and not smart adherent of MAGA died.

Is that accurate enough for ya?


It's irresponsible for the President to go on TV and talk about drugs/chemicals which are at an early testing phase and act as if it's sure thing. It gives false hope to those in need, it puts pressure on doctors to explain why they can't prescribe drugs without knowing the effects, and it shows a general lack of understanding of the medical process.

In a worse case, it gives credence to people to take matters into their own hands and ingest pool cleaning supplies.


The moron died, and moron's wife (supposedly) got sick from the same anti-malarial drug that's been around since before World War 2? That's highly unlikely. Some other chemical they ingested caused their problems.


Know that the now deceased moron did not simply down some anti-malarial drug - he and his wife ingested an aquarium cleaner. Different formulations can mean dramatically different results, as the man fatally learned (his wife, at least, started throwing up and so survived).

But since you brought up morons, the Moron in Chief seems unable to deal with the fact that there are potentially fatal consequences of taking the two drugs he's recommended now that he's the Nation's Doctor, even if you do take one of them in its medically approved pill form.

Also, there are some issues with the tiny study Herr Doktor BigBrain cited, even before the issue of whether maybe some of the data is, shall we say, inaccurate and possibly unethical.

They ingested some amount of some unknown aquarium cleaner with unknown contents. It is not known what killed them. Could have been chloroquine, could have been something else. Nothing is "highly unlikely", you just pulled that out of your ass.