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If you hear grunting sounds on the lower side of Millennium Park, it's more likely small marsh birds than pigs

Virginia rail in Millennium Park in West Roxbury

Mary Ellen the roving UHub photographer reports spotting a a Virginia rail along the brook that runs along Millennium Park in West Roxbury - they breed and feed in the sort of marshes one can find along the brook. The birds can be hard to spot, but easier to hear - especially during breeding season, which is now, they sound like little grunting pigs, she reports.



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One time Magoo was walking through this park and heard grunting sounds. Magoo went to investigate and unfortunately for Magoo, what Magoo found was neither a pig nor a bird. Magoo will leave it up to your imagination but the grunting well, Magoo stumbling upon it was a human coitus interruptus. Magoo.

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Have never seen one before. Excellent find!

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That's a great picture!

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