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Nature is healing: Trucks return to Storrow Drive

Catherine Parrotta shows us the sky-eye view of a truck wedged good and tight under Mass. Ave. on Storrow Drive inbound this morning.

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This might be the most normal thing I have seen since mid-March! I feel a bit better now.

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With today's jobs report and the reopening starting to hit full swing it is looking like a promising turn around.

Fingers crossed!

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Could be as good as anything else these days. Anybody else think that jobs report sounded a little fishy? Getting harder and harder to believe anything coming out of this phony-baloney administration. They have systematically driven out otherwise apolitical bureaucrats and subject matter experts and installed partisans with no compunction about doctoring the books. I am skeptical, to say the least.

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The market is pretty good at sniffing BS. Storrowing is a great market metric!

I feel pretty good about the recovery.

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Perhaps we've hit rock bottom but I don't feel good about the recovery at all. For the first time in 20 years I see being laid off as a real possibility. I work with restaurants and while some are reopening, none of them are anywhere close to the staffing they previously had and have no expectations to returning to that level. The social distancing restrictions in the next 6 months are going to greatly limit the amount people can return to normal even if things reopen.

Everyone I know is being thrifty with money in ways they hadn't expected months ago. If everyone is spending less, that's less consumption, which in turn lowers the need for businesses to hire.

I don't know if the jobs report is real -- even the BLS is saying it's very hard to collect data right now. (And BLS revises the previous month's data, only those revisions don't get reported in the mainstream press.)

So things are probably improving, slowly, as people are able to return to work. But it's a very long road ahead and the risk of falling into a lengthy recession is real.

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I'm not one to believe in the government purposely releasing false data, but I had to take a pause when all the experts were wildly wrong about today's jobs report. The unemployment rate dropped? I just find that hard to believe, but we'll see what happens in the months to come.

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From Ratty

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.... are creeping back into the city. It’s no longer as quiet. The low rumble of motor vehicle engines, honking and exhaust fumes are back.
City dwellers have had a taste of how much better life could be with less motor vehicle traffic.
Here’s hoping it inspires more of them to advocate for safer streets and better public transportation.

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