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Teen murdered, two others shot, on Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Roxbury

Victim identified as Xhavier Rico.

A 15-year-old was fatally shot in the chest at 39 Mt. Pleasant Ave. shortly before 10 p.m.

Not long after, two other people with gunshot injuries, likely from the same incident, walked into a local ER.

A nearby residence was hit with one bullet.




Was it cops that did this?

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But hopefully cops will find who did do this.

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Homicide detectives are a large part of BDP's overtime budget with long hours well past their shift and significant time testifying in court. It's not like they just had their budget cut or anything by a City Council more interested in appeasing protesters than deep diving into the issues to realize what demands are counterproductive for saving and valuing lives vs. what will deescalate types of policing which create a climate of resentment or mistrust.

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A child is dead but hey if you can use it to make a political statement why not.

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People are making political statements all over the place because someone is dead.

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No not this time but systemic racism did.

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Unfortunately some groups will use the murder of a young person to their advantage, but only if it fits a certain narrative.

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Systemic Racism pulled the trigger?
Maybe that defense will work in front of a jury from the neighborhood, I doubt it but it's worth a try.

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Was the race of the victim or the suspects mentioned or are you assuming they were a minority? If the suspects and/or victims were white would it still systematic racism?

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Serious question because I really don’t like assume things. Do you really care about gang violence? I’ve lost two brothers one younger and one my age to gang violence and my oldest brother is currently serving double life plus 115 years due to gang violence. I’ve been to and initiated many “stop the violence” protest in my lifetime and know of hundreds of more around the world and they NEVER get any publicity. At the same time police do need a better,stricter hiring process. I understand completely why you made that comment my brother even if it was just to “troll”. But understand that the point you want to get across will never be taken in the right way said like that. Subconsciously you actually made this point...NOBODY even sometimes my own “people” don’t care about all of the black humans that are killed each year. Even still, a person that is paid by all of us murdering someone who pays their salary is a big problem. Don’t use these situations as an opportunity to make “clever” jokes. Study American history. You speak American “English” because Crispus Attucks was killed in the Boston Massacre which sparked the events that led to your “freedom”. So again I ask you. Do you really care ?

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I always found Universal Hub to be the only media outlet to provide the Boston homicide count. In many cases, UHub included a tribute photo and biography of the victim. This was the only place one could find it on a regular basis. Would it be possible to restore that solemn but important feature?

We have heard much of the Covid numbers. Could we juxtapose the 2020 Boston Covid death count for those under 50 compared to the Boston homicide death count for those under 50? This might be helpful to judges and prosecutors currently going lenient on violent criminals hoping to save them from Covid in jail when jail may be far safer for most. To help the process along, that's at least three Boston homicides in three days and it's only Friday of the holiday weekend.

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would be the clearance status of all of the cases.

After a victim is laid to rest, we seldom hear who, if anyone, has been charged with, or convicted of, the crime. It's like the only story is the crime itself - the justice is forgotten by the time it happens (if it happens).

Besides a running count of how many people have been murdered in the city, we should also be keeping an updated running count of how many cold-blooded killers are still freely roaming the streets of our neighborhoods on any given day.

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