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Mask up to protect the more vulnerable

Museum of Science T. rex wearing a mask

Matt Frank asks that you cover your face for the seniors among us:

Not wearing a mask yet? Do it for our T Rex friend, he has survived multiple extinctions and a major @museumofscience renovation but is high risk due to age and working outside with the public...


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My father used to take me to the Museum of Science when I was a child in the 60s and they only had the head of that T.Rex. It was on display inside and they were soliciting donations so they could get the rest of the body.


That's pretty awesome. I was born in the 80s and this was the dino when I would go and he had his body by then. I was always fascinated by it and how they got him in there lol. I was upset when they put him outside but... #science .... He wasn't up to date. Now I'm happy he's out there because as an adult with no kids I haven't been in MOS for over a decade but I get to see the TRex every time I drive by.


As a museum professional myself, I encourage you to go to MOS without kids! I've done it many times. It's a totally different experience, and you'll find things that interest you now, as an adult. No one will be weirded out by you being there without kids. You should go! You'll have a good time.


I used to do that, though it's been decades. The only downside is that the next time you go with kids, you'll be even more boring than usual. "Check out this mechanical demonstration of the Gaussian distribution! What could be cooler than that?"

His relatives at that mini golf place on Rte 4 in Billerica have gone extinct. They seem to have been killed off by bad Yelp reviews.

His cousin in rt one has retreated to higher ground as construction eats up his natural habitat. I'm not sure what it's subsiding on if golf balls are no longer available.

I've been thinking of doing the aquarium as an adult either by myself or with a friend at some point. I love penguins and haven't seen them for years.

My oldest nephew is also at the point where I feel comfortable taking him places where he can be mostly self sufficient but still enjoy stuff (8 years old) and he's got younger brothers so when things are less crazy in the world I may take one or two of them for a visit. I'm ok babysitting at home but I was always terrified of being somewhere with a young child all by myself who wouldn't stop melting down. Even when volunteering with kids I always was able to handle teens and pre teen teens better than little kids.

Attendence is limited, so it won't be crowded at all, so your nephew will be less frustrated at being unable to get a good view of things.

The problem is we live in different towns and I'm not in their "pod". An hour normally isn't a big difference in space and time but for these purposes it doesn't make sense for me to be in their pod, maybe if I was closer.

It would make getting him there and really engaging with him difficult. I do feel bad for him, he was just starting to treated a little different because he can be better trusted etc and then it all shut down around him. Although I could imagine how 16 and 28 year olds must feel.

Citations needed. Pretty sure my man was only around for the last one, not the first four.

I was referring to this particular dino, not his family and friends! He is still here , I was with him last night.

If that doesn't get people to start wearing masks to protect themselves, as well as others, I don't know what will.

is the library open too?
What did they replace the microfilm with?