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Smoke from West Coast fires could reach us Tuesday night

Smoke forecast

NASA forecast shows heavy concentration of smoke over New England around 8 p.m. on Tuesday

Modeling by NASA has a plume of West Coast smoke reaching Massachusetts by Tuesday night, possibly followed by another about eight days later:

Latest animated smoke forecast from NASA.

In 2010, smoke from forest fires in Quebec created haze in the Boston area.


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I'm looking forward to the first week in which it's unusually cold or we get a few big snow storms back-to-back and the crazies come out to say that proves climate change is a myth.


Gave us a couple of days of hazy smoke-tinged air and at least one amazing sunset. But would the plumes from 3,000 miles away be too high up for us to smell? Guess we'll find out.


Yesterday AJ Burnett forecast this as a possibility in our area, but that may have been before the meetup with Paulette was factored in.

It's been staying aloft for the most part and not touching down--but it will drop somewhere eventually.


Does a forest-fire gender reveal mean it's a boy or a girl?


Because one thing every single news account I saw of that particular fire failed to tell us what gender was revealed.




A female baby is implied by the fact that we only got 78% of the full story, no?


So obviously it's a boy, as signified by the men that will die fighting the fire. Surely that's worth a *little* more money? Only 8% of firefighters are women btw.


.. of child birth related deaths are ...

I've noticed this too. I'm like.. this started all of this and we still don't know what the gender was.

The arsonists wanted to tell everyone the gender of their baby. Let's not reward that sort of carelessness by asking.

One thing we know for sure

IIRC, I read somewhere that it was a boy. Is it just me, or were we better off when we had to wait until the kid was born to find out what its junk looked like?

Satan's spawn.

It's not its fault that its parents are idiots.

I was watching 7 News at 9 and they reported you could see the smoke from the top of the Great Blue Hill already off in the distance.