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Dorchester woman settles doubts whether you can get a Corolla up to 100 m.p.h., State Police say

State Police report a Dorchester woman faces a variety of charges after getting her econobox to accelerate past 100 m.p.h. on the turnpike today before flipping it over on the exit ramp to Rte. 9 in Framingham.

State Police say Carla Joffre Pena, 20, will be formally charged with refusal to stop for police, operating to be endanger, plate violation and speeding after she gets out of the Worcester hospital to which she was transported by helicopter for treatment of the injuries she complained about after getting out of the car "under her own power."

State Police say a trooper began trying to stop her in Millbury, after several motorists reported her driving wicked fast and weaving in and out of traffic in a Corolla with no plates around 5 p.m.

State Police say the reason the car had no plates is because, on Oct. 11, she was arrested on the turnpike out in Ludlow for driving the car with a stolen plate. She was charged with various offenses and the car was towed to a lot in Springfield - from which she managed to spring the car today, before flooring it.

Innocent, etc.

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FOMO to the extreme.

Stolen plates, then gets the car back, attaches a new set of plates and goes back on the mass pike and hits 100 mph. She was giving no Fs


The car had no plates on it the second time.

I can only assume she was quickly trying to get to her nearest RMV office to clear up that pesky suspended license that had slipped her mind earlier in the week.



Now hopefully she can make license plates in prison.


"no bail offered" cases.


shows that she is the great granddaughter of Speedy Gonzales.


UHub knows what matters.

I'm amazed she didn't blow a tire first (speaking here as a past owner of a Chevy Nova and a Geo Prizm, both basically Corollas, only made in a GM plant)


It's hard to compare those Reagan-era cars to new ones. They were smaller, lighter, and less powerful. In the 1980s, the speed limit on the Pike was 55mph, and a typical small car could go 0-60 in 15 seconds. A 1980s Camry is also smaller and lighter than the Corolla is today.


How did she get her car back with no plates? Did she have it towed to her home?


Unless it was towed somewhere, it shouldn't have left the tow lot without plates. (If that's not illegal, it should be.)

After she was able to exit her flipped car on her own? Screw that. After her dangerous joyride she should have been driven at the lowest legal speed on the most circuitous route via sleepy back roads to a CVS clinic.


I’m glad that’s not how emergency medical services work. They don’t get to decide that you don’t deserve the highest standard of care because of what you supposedly just did. That’s why we have a legal system.


Um, yeah, I know. My comment was intentional hyperbole. Hope yours was too.


This woman rolled a Corolla at 100 MPH and got out and walked away? Call Dr. Xavier. He runs a Home For Troubled Youth where she may fit right in.

I don’t think Drunk Piece of Crap is a superhero.

You haven't watched or read Jessica Jones.

crappy but frugal and reliable commuter cars. I recall getting in the 90-100mph range a couple of times (as a younger and less-defensive driver), and it would start shaking alarmingly, as if to say, "Not a good idea!"

I got a ticket for me doing 88 in a 198x junky ford fairmont. While appealing the ticket, I mentioned I didn't think my crap box would go that fast. The magistrate then told me stories about how fast his crap box cars could go. And I still had to pay the fine.

that you're making a mistake. :-)

(I got a bicycle up to 45 mph before it started giving an 8 Hz judder and yeah, not doing that again for a *variety* of reasons.)

Learned to drive on them - they would go very fast, but can/should got in the game at around 90mph.

only one that Toyota opted to use recycled steel in the body, a disastrous idea. After a few years of street parking, it started rusting through in fist-sized holes all over, like leprosy. (Or it looked like a cheetah, if you're a sunnier thinker.)

My eldest brother, originally trained as a sculptor, got sick of starving and turned to working with carbon fiber reinforced polymer resins, has since made a steady living as a jobber on America's Cup racers, luxury yachts and parts for SpaceX. He took a grinder to the rust spots/holes and spackled them over with the stuff. I don't know if that was a structurally safe idea (probably couldn't be worse), but two hours of backyard work added a good 15 years of working life to that rickety beast, and cosmetically it was merely equally awful.

As I once observed on Car Talk (in reference to a different shit car that had a wonky heater control), driving a crap-heap was a useful filter: any girl who'd go out with you again after you'd picked her up in that *thing* on the first date was maybe genuinely interested for the right reasons. (Or had low standards. Hard to tell early on, but I always found that promising and most often borne out. You don't have to be Sheena, but a little punk-rock sensibility never hurts. I think I put a "Save the planet, kill yourself" sticker on that car. Certain I put a 'ZBC sticker on it.)

I eventually passed it down, as it had been passed to me. It went from my big sister (who'd bought it new), to me, to my sister-in-law (the artist's wife), to my little sister, and finally to her son. Cue Darth Vader's Theme: "You have come of age, nephew: now comes your moment at last to inherit the Great Family Legacy." It gasped its last sometime in the oughts, didn't quite cross the 200K-mile Rubicon. A rotten shell, but otherwise tough to kill, with ridiculously low maintenance, fuel and insurance costs: my kind of car.

RIP, The Pink Bomb, so-called for its hideous factory metallic-nacre paint job even before its psoriatic decline. Big Sis doubtless thought that was a stylin' choice at the time.

Masshole on the move!

That's more like it!

Suicidal behavior. In that mode you don't care about anything and have a lot of anger.

Now....That's even more like it!

Surprised the car didn’t get sent to 1955, 2015 or 1885 when it got past 88 mph.