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The Nova Scotia tree is here

Nova Scotia tree on Boston Common

The mayor's office released this photo of our annual gift tree from Nova Scotia safely arriving on Boston Common this morning. It'll officially be lit up on Dec. 3, come hell, high water or tree pattern baldness.

The tree is, of course, Nova Scotia's annual thanks for the aid and doctors Boston rushed to Halifax after a massive munitions explosion in Halifax harbor during World War I.

This year, instead of coming down in a single truck journey, the 45-foot white spruce, donated by Heather and Tony Sampson of Grande Anse, Richmond County, went on a sea cruise, being loaded onto a ship from Nova Scotia to Portland, where it was then put back on a flatbed for the ride down to Boston.




A cruise during a pandemic?


It's already dead. It just doesn't know it yet. Seriously though, I love the Novia Scotia tree and it's history.


mini-owl, too?


I figure it may be the only holiday-ish thing I can do with other people (socially distanced, masked, outside) this year since I'm not visiting family on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year this year.

Can you send a little one for Washington & Market in Brighton, too?


I thought of Nova Scotia this summer when they had that horrific explosion in Beirut at their harbor. Watching video of that explosion, you can imagine how terrible it was back in the day for Nova Scotia. I'm glad we helped and love the fact they still remember and thank us.


That was the first thing that I thought of. The set up was different but the horror was the same.

It must have been a true horror if my Grandfather never talked about it. He wasn't old enough to go to war, but he went in with a group of mostly older teens from the Eastern Townships of Quebec to round up horses and triage them. He was a real storyteller, so it had to be horrific.


Not sure why our cops had to give it a police escort this morning, at least 2 motorcycles & 2 cars... waste if $.

Nice tree & wonderful gift from Nova Scotia

It's called PR.

Very efficient!

Eimskip used to run directly to Chelsea. Now Portland is their only stop in the US.

Nova Scotia does a better job at picking out trees than our Mayor.