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South Bay seafood restaurant, hotel getting ready to open

The Pearl Seafood Grill and Raw Bar, in the South Bay mall expansion, hopes to open its doors on April 1, its attorney, Jon Aieta, told the Boston Licensing Board this morning.

Separately, the Home2 Suites by Hilton Boston South Bay is also getting ready to open. It formally asked the board to grant an innholder license for the new hotel. The hotel won't be serving alcohol, although it will offer a complimentary continental breakfast to guests. The board will vote on the request on Thursday.


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The quasi-urbanist structure of that part of the South Bay plaza seems like it would be extremely well suited to outdoor dining for as long as that needs to keep happening, which it probably will on April 1. (Looks like on Google Street View there already was outdoor dining in 2019, although their long term plans for seating probably won't be the same as how Wahlburgers served their customers.)

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I read over the summer that they were going to have about 25 outdoor seats. I have peeked in the windows. It looks really nice!

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Pearl Seafood Bar and Grills is black owned, by local folks. My cousin helped broker the RE deal. I’ll be excited to outdoor dine there. Good for the community.

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...I wonder what might take the place of the recently shuttered Officemax? Or will that big empty area just sit there being an eyesore? I'm sorry they closed - the service wasn't always that good, but having the office supply store there was great.

Seems to me that the only such store left in Boston proper is the Staples near Downtown Crossing. That's it. (And even then, there used to be two more smaller Staples stores in that area that folded a long time ago.)

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