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Imagine driving around in a delivery truck with no AC all day

FedEx driver cools down

Eileen Murphy of South Boston reports she had just finished using her hose to clear her car of pollen on Tuesday when Julio, a local FedEx driver, came by. Of course she let him use the hose to cool down - and when he was done, he sprayed the truck to try to cool it as well.

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I'm skeptical that hosing down the outside of a white delivery truck will do anything to reduce the indoor air temperature of the truck.

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More power to these guys.. heat, sun, rain, snow.. they are always delivering.

Eileen's a good egg for letting him use her hose.

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...if his employer did something to improve his working conditions. I get that this is extreme heat, but still.

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I see the UPS driver on his lunch at the end of my street with his doors closed (saw this yesterday) so they have AC.

Problem is, they are under a time restraint, so its easier (and most of the time cooler) just to drive around with the side doors open so you can quickly pop out.

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Problem is, they are under a time restraint,

Maybe that's the actual problem?

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Fed-ex trucks owned by the company have AC, those rented by the company do not have to. 66 percent of the Fedex trucks are leased.

UPS also does not mandate and according to their own documentation their trucks and warehouses do not have AC because the doors are always open. Maybe your guy had a portable cooling unit that plugs into the truck somehow?

You are right though, it would be very difficult to cool the trucks down with an AC with those doors wide open. The roof of the brown UPS truck is a translucent white so it is brighter in there and presumably gets less hot.

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Maybe your guy had a portable cooling unit that plugs into the truck somehow?

Not even close to enough power. AC is driven off the engine.

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those time-delivery quotas?

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It's not Eileen Murphy of Southie, it's Eileen Murphy IS Southie.

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Up until the most recent purchase of Dodge Promaster vans the USPS delivery vehicles had no AC at all.

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