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JP chew-and-screwers captured on video; reward offered for IDs

Michael Moxley, who co-owns Canary Square in Jamaica Plain, posts photos of the four "trash humans" who enjoyed a $90 meal yesterday, then fled without paying.

"So lame. We are struggling and you're stealing," he says. He's offering a $100 reward for their names; adds they ran up their bill on:

6 Maine Beer Lunch IPA (good taste). Buffalo Wings. Buffalo Chicken pizza.


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I think the younger, bearded guy in photos is not part of this. Just sitting at table near door and on camera.
The screenshot of the unpaid bill says 2 customers seated.

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The owner really should have cropped or blurred the face of that guy. That's borderline false accusation.

Edit: I didn't notice the "2 seated" on the receipt pix at first.

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Who am I supposed to be looking at? The young bearded guy and the girl with leggings, or the older dude with the camo shorts?

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Very irresponsible to not crop that.

They should give that guy a free meal.

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Screw that.

It's Dine and Ditch.

Screw is so vulgar.

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but I’ve always paid the check.

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Maybe let's try to catch the thieves in the picture. Keep your entitled moronic Yelp reviews over on Yelp. And it's obvious who the two thieves are. I'm the guy on the bar stool. I'm fine with being in the pic. Focus. I'm sure those two do this all the time. Someone knows them.

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Don't read the comments here.

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If we are going to label everyone who causes $45 in damages a "trash human", maybe we can make larcenies a prosecutable crime?

What is police supposed to do with the owners report on Monday?

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"trash human" is a play on the phrase "trash panda" .... AKA raccoons... The little masked bandits that steal food.

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"Trash panda" has stress on the first word, but "trash human" doesn't (the same way "the white house" and the "the White House" have different stresses). If it was the same formation, the stresses would be the same here.

But agreed on the exhortation to lighten up.

And it certainly would seem to be a prosecutable offense; Notfromboston continues their near-perfect record of leaving nonsense comments.


Chapter 140 §12: « whoever, without having an express agreement for credit, procures food or beverage from a common victualler without paying therefor and with intent to cheat or defraud shall be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not more than three months. »

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