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City Hall promises: No parking meters along Blue Hill Avenue

Segun Idowu, the city's chief of economic opportunity and inclusion, breaks the news this morning to try to calm people worried about the impact of returning the wide avenue's median strips to public transit, only this time with buses instead of trolleys.

The City of Boston has no plans to put parking meters on Blue Hill Avenue.


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without telling me that the car is still king.

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... you don't know about this project without telling me you don't know that this is part of a Blue Hill Ave redesign to hugely improve bus transit on that street by creating busways.

You can read this if you're interesting in learning more:


but you aren't actually interested, right?

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The story here is the wild rumor about the meters, not the project itself. I witnessed many friends in social media spread that rumor, and for them the car is indeed king. They’re literally the same friends who think the bike lanes are part of a plot to make city life miserable for them and are only being created for gentrifiers.

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And I know that any on-road transit improvement project that starts off with deference to community demand for free on-street storage of personal vehicles is hamstrung from the start. Right of way is precious, even on a street as wide as BH Ave. Why are we promising to let a very small group of people use it for free?

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So the people who live, shop there and have businesses there would like there to be parking but you want it to be eliminated? Is the very small group of people the residents, patrons or business owners?

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That means we sacrifice something else--whether it's protected bus lanes, wider sidewalks, protected bike lanes, or outdoor dining areas. The question is whether we defer to a small but vocal group of residents and business owners who can't see beyond today's auto-oriented BH Ave, or whether we prioritize the needs of the far larger group of people who ride the 28 and all the other folks who would benefit from cleaner and safer transportation alternatives. Sometimes it's not systemic racism that causes suboptimal transit service--it's just people being self-centered about parking.

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Now, if you don’t mind, I need to get over to Cambridge. Thankfully I can take the Southwest Expressway to the Inner Loop, thanks to transportation planners ignoring the demands of the community instead of deferring to them.

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*tons* of people who live near to blue hill ave double and triple park all along it since there is no off-street parking. you are right that it isnt efficient and there are ways to optimize the city's streets, but very few, like *very few* people who live along blue hill ave bike at all. everyone drives or takes the bus. people who drive and park on the street are completely entitled to do since they live there. making the bus better is good, but sorry, bikes mean nothing on blue hill ave.

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That is quite a title, I recommend changing it to "Head of economic opportunity and inclusion" Chief sounds too gender specific.
Inclusion starts with them. :)

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Is it really? Are there other examples of gender-specific words that don't have male/female versions?


Are female CEOs not called Chief Executive Officers?

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this person (bot?) is not interested in whether their posts stand up to any scrutiny

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Maybe it's:

or is that gendering a microaggression and cultural appropriation?

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I've heard masters degree was not good so I just assumed Chief would be frowned upon as well, I need to study.

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There have been plenty of female police chiefs.

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Just a lack of a plan to do so.

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