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Fenway can opener peels back another truck

Nothing does a storrowing quite like the Fenway/Kenmore exit off Storrow Drive - the curve means trucks catch the bottom of the upper ramp at an angle, so not only are they peeled open, they're left at quite the jaunty angle. The truck in those photos belongs to Gourmet Catering in Forest Hills, so you'd think the driver would be familiar with the reason to stay off Storrow, but maybe he's new.

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Yesterday morning around 8:30am I watched the backup drive of shame by a cement mixer while the state police held traffic at the Doubletree for 20 minutes.

Cement mixers are local! WTF were they thinking? They don’t even have the GPS / Out-of-town “excuse”.

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Sounds like an epic missed opportunity.

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A cement mixer might cause structural damage to the bridge. This is all fun and games until a bridge is put out of service for weeks at a time.

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So out of service for a few weeks might mean one or two trains would be prevented from running? Not one or two trains a day, one or two trains over a few weeks.

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One or two trains per day do use the Grand Junction.

When the bridge had structural issues a few years ago, it was a big inconvenience, as trains had to detour to Framingham or Worcester or something to go the 3 miles to the repair shop.

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You are clearly not a foamer.
And your observational skills are inadequate.

Instead of making things up, why don't you find out first before posting?

The forums at railroad.net can help.

And please don't trespass on the railroad right of way.

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Trains carry a huge amount of material, often requiring special equipment for loading or unloading. Stopping one train from reaching its destination can be a significant disruption.

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I was driving eastbound around 10:30 a.m. and there was a box truck backing up on its own before the Brookline exit. Yesterday could have been an legendary Storrowing Day!

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Love it!!

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