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Doing some sliding while sliding at the return of a Jamaica Plain festival

Tromboinists do slides on a slide at Wake Up the Earth

A pair of trombonists worked on their slides while on the homemade slides at the return of the Wake Up the Earth Festival in the Southwest Corridor Park in Jamaica Plain today. Greg Cook took the photo along with many other photos of both the festival and the parade that proceeded it.


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Listen, I'm a firm believer that the "entire bunch" is rotten to the core but this event is presumably about life, nature, and planet earth. A celebration of the cycle of our solar system that keeps us all alive.

And JP isnt exactly what you'd call an over-policed area nor are it's residents statistically more prone to police violence.

So please. For one day, just give it a rest.

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The event started to assert communities’ right to self-determination in response to the government wanting to displace people to put a freeway through the neighborhood.

And I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that WUTE is only open to JP residents or only white people. Even if it were, white people are the ones who first and foremost should be speaking out against oppression and policing. #FTP

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And it's about a highway, not bad cops.

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