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Covid screamer with a bullhorn arrested at mayoral coffee hour in Dorchester

The Dorchester Reporter reports the man charged at the mayor after police said they would be taking away his bullhorn, so they took him down to the ground before arresting him. It's at least the second time Shawn Nelson has been arrested in a Covid protest.


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grow up man

just for once grow a pair and act like an adult instead of toddler


They ain't ever gonna stop. They are too programmed to do this. Its all they know and can do. Cults dement people's minds.

Because of this I fear we're heading toward Civil War. These folks aren't going to stop or let down until we do. And its been brewing for a long time.


Dramatic much? These people are in the far minority and anyone with half a brain cell stays far away from them.

That’s been my experience.

Go away troll

Check out all the people below this and that thread making fun of you.


Ok, bud. Stay obsessed

I am far from gloom & doom.. and would viciously fight people who did (many people said this in 2016 when Oh orange one won).

But even now I think we're going there. Its not just the 'vocal minority'. Its the politicians who are allowing it to happen and getting people fired up. Turn on the news or open social media, you'll see politicians calling for deaths of gays or how we're a "Christian" nation. More 'rallies' to get people riled up.

Just remember, we live in quasi blue state (I say quasi cuz Western MA).. we're in a bit of a bubble. These people like at coffee time are nutters in a sea of blue. But leave New England, hit up middle America, and you'll see a lot more Trump 2024 and "fuck biden" signs than anything.

Plus things are heating up and hitting people in their wallets. Formula, gas prices, inflation. When you hit people in the wallet, people get angry.

Remember the nazi's didn't just wake up one day and take over. They had public support because they used rising costs and low store inventory as a way to pit the public against each other (and support them). They also bought politicians. Sounds familiar huh?

Funny how the GOP won't vote for anything that would help. To me, it sounds like they are getting people riled up over it and want to keep people that way by not fixing the issue. Even if they are the reason why it won't happen. Their messaging is strong, and these morons believe every word they say.

Add some racial issues, homophobia, a lingering pandemic, and a host of other issues.. and we're pretty prime for a civil war or some sort of take over.

Add that our politicians (democrats included) are not moving fast enough to stop this. Yes the wheel of justice is slow, however every day the leaders of this 'movement' are allowed to continue their nonsense, is just a day closer we move toward the inevitable. The problem being, even if justice happens.. that may be the tipping point for people to go off their rockers (more so than they are now). They do not want to see 'their heros' locked up, and will fight to save them, even if those 'heros' are just using them as pawns.

If 1/6/21 doesn't prove we're on the cusp and 'they' won't stop until they succeed... its time to pull your head of the sand and wake up.

PS - If your reply is "they aren't that smart". An army of morons that are easy to control *IS* smart. They'll do anything they say. And THAT is scary. Regardless its only a matter of time before someone (*cough* DeSantis *cough*) gets to the helm and really causes problems. Trump was a moron, DeSantis is even worse cuz he's not brain dead.


but this all has a sickeningly familiar ring to it. New compared to the 1930s version: it's now trivially simple for grifters with social media skills to drive millions of idiots into a violent moral panic. Witness how steady progress on gay and trans rights has taken a U-turn recently using disgusting tactics that date to the 1950s. We have a high court that just torpedoed the church-state wall. I imagine Germany chortling about those kooky, harmless morons all the way to Kristallnacht.


And it's even worse. Republicans are explicitly calling for murder of Democrats, and implicitly supporting groups that advocate murdering Jews, Blacks, liberals, and anyone else who doesn't fit their White Power fantasy. Let's be clear - it's the Republican Party that's stoking this bonfire. If they are voted back into control of Congress, we can kiss Democracy goodbye.


Look at the nutjob with the campaign ad about "Hunting RINOs" recently. While I think that the GOP is likely to retake the House, especially given gerrymandering in the states, I also think that they're starting to alienate a lot of the right of center voters. It'll be interesting to see how statewide elections for US Senators, governors, secretaries of state and others turn out in the mid-terms and 2024.

As an example, "Dr" Oz in Pennsylvania is already trying to pivot away from touting his Trump bonafides in the primary, but we'll see if he can wash enough of the stink off of him by election day.

If the hearings are effective it's only going to be the most rabid, red Trump supporters who still buy into the big lie, especially if there are solid DoJ charges (which you know they're only going to file if it's a knockout to avoid looking political). Running campaign ads where your opponent was touting what is widely accepted as the rantings of an idiot will be a common strategy.

Thank you for the reply explaining you logic. I appreciate it.

And so did Joe Manchin. You know what's going to help with inflation? STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY! The Fed printed nearly 5 trillion dollars from the start of the pandemic until now. Between the CARES Act, PPP, the supplemental spending in late 2020, the ARP Act, and the infrastructure bill, the government has done another 6 trillion plus in deficit spending. The problem is that the amount of goods and services available in the economy has not increased in concert with all the extra cash which has been doled out. Lots of extra money chasing the same amount (or less) of stuff means that stuff is going to cost more. (Not to mention people throwing money at crazy shit like crypto, meme stocks, and SPACs.)

BBB would have worsened inflation because it was like two years of up-front spending funded by ten years of taxes. And the economy was already overheating while the Democrats were trying to ram BBB through, in spite of all the assurances from Powell and Yellen that inflation was merely "transitory."

Unfortunately, the only thing that's going to fix inflation now is an end to all the free money and a recession that kills off some of that demand. It sucks and it's going to be painful but you can't spend your way out of inflation.

The Fed printed nearly 5 trillion dollars from the start of the pandemic until now. Between the CARES Act, PPP, the supplemental spending in late 2020, the ARP Act, and the infrastructure bill, the government has done another 6 trillion plus in deficit spending.

Cool cool cool. Now do the defense budget.

But the defense budget seems to be one of the few places where both parties agree on massive spending. And you do understand that the President's request was already the largest allocation for defense spending in history, right?

And it is targeted, as opposed to all the "free" cash Trump and Biden gave me to not spend it on the things that were needed. Pumping money into the economy is a recipe for inflation. Economists were predicting that a year ago, if not longer.

Also, perhaps there is an Eastern European country that could use the products of the American defense industry right now.

There have been a number of studies on this and defensive spending is not a driver of inflation, especially in the US.

There are three main causes when it comes to inflation:

Demand-pull inflation.
Cost-push inflation.
Built-in inflation.


We are here because of policy failures by the federal and state/city governments, as well as errors in judgement made by the Federal Reserve.

Weimar - NAZI Germany, Russia, Communist China, Central American and South American, Africa and Asian and Middle East nations all are deeply rooted in government by the few for the few.

The ante-bellum states all were inhabited by populations and social structures that took authoritarian governance to be god given.

The likelihood of resolving the national crime of slavery might not have required a blood thirsty civil was if the southern leaders did not have the ignorance, propaganda and fealty to authority that existed in those states.

The Civil War would not have happened if the southern states were not already sufficiently organized to field an army.

Sovereign nationalist and other radicals are organizing. The Supreme Court has made it easier for them to organize. Yet the Supreme Court has also effectively authorized the entire militarization of the nation.

Can that provide the room for the radical states governments to attempt to create their own armies - despite citizens who are not radical being able to freely buy and own their own guns?

One of the stronger political and propagandistic currents is leaning toward anarchic violence by radical authoritarians.

Yet the same authoritarians are a dying breed. The major voting block, Protestant Evangelists, are loosing supporters with each year of young adults. The people who have always harbored a willingness to commit violence for ideological reasons are diminishing in numbers. They are loud but loudness does not equate to large numbers.

I see the nation closer to the tone and tenor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When the work of rebuilding the nation was required. But dissimilar to the early 19th century when most southerners felt greater fealty to their individual states.

We’ve been through worse. Evil abounds. But the good in the US is far greater.

Wake up and read the news. Read the Texas GOP platform, for god's sake. If that's not the opening shot in a civil war, I don't know what is.


that we have for more than 7 years had one of them running this state. Baker speaks like a moderate while at the same time stumping for the orange turd’s biggest New England supporter and apologist in the Senate. “Sorry, Charlie,” that makes you a liar. You can’t say you’re against trump while you give aid to the people who created him. As long as we allow slime like baker to speak out of both sides of their mouths we are not safe.


If these nutter buddies are what will be facing me on the other side of the battlefield, I like my chances.

I've occasionally touched base with their public videos of their noise-making. I'm pretty sure I would just need some ear protection.

panics for rightie numbnuts to robble-robble about are trans kids and CRT. Get with the times, you ridiculous drooling moron.


From the Reporter article:

Following [Nelson's] arrest, the COVID-19 protesters continued to attempt to disrupt the coffee hour as Mayor Wu and Councillors Brian Worrell and Frank Baker sought to address the crowd. A group of the protesters was seen shouting at a young boy and his mother who tried to take a picture with the mayor, and also yelling at a local priest.

Also would add a former candidate and known Rollins disliker was yelling while running around/ bumping into others with a large dog. That man needs a mental health check as he seems to be sliding down a troubling path.

All in all the group lead by that old Bozo that’s always out front of her house with the lady cop is getting more and more aggressive. Only a matter of time before fist start flying- seemed pretty close yesterday.

it's almost certainly the guy broadcasting unsolicited advice from a bullhorn.

Buddy, you had me at "electronic amplification". I eagerly await my marching orders.

I'm not a Mayor Wu fan, but those clowns gotta go! I've seen them in action. NOBODY wants to hear what they're saying.


they even yelled in their megaphone that Michelle Wu wasn’t even home, talking about how she was taking cops from Roxbury to post in front of their house while she’s not there. the group of gathered officers looked annoyed

Including "Kevin" from western Mass. and good ol' Catherine Vitale, bellowing at some Black residents about Tuskegee and syphilis.

These people would love nothing more than to have somebody take a swing at them, so they can play their victim card, but Wu's neighbors continued to show admirable restraint - they called 911 to complain about the noise, which ended with BPD's head of homeland security showing up and telling the demonstrators no bullhorns without a permit and, guess what, they didn't have a permit.


They bragged to each other about how one of the officer's names was "Dick" and they made him repeat it multiple times just because they got to make him say "Dick"...his name.

Like, we're not even talking about 7th grade levels of humor here.

Maybe we need another variant, one that selects by intelligence, thin out their ranks a little.

Death rates from COVID are higher in Red states. The Stupid is strong in those ones.

reading the comments about eh coming Civil War, but not liking it won't stop it. Truly disgusting and disheartening. But there are too many crazy white supremacist rabid pigs. I am not particularly religious but then again there are no atheists in a foxhole.