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The crap people in Chinatown still have to put up with

Anti-Chinese graffiti in Chinatown

A Chinatown resident photographed the newest illiterate scrawlings at Liberty Tree Plaza, the small space in front of the city-owned China Trade Building and BPL branch at Boylston and Washington streets. She took the photo yesterday, reports it's still there this morning, but says, yes, she'll be reporting it via 311.


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Multiple sources on that.

With the People's Republic's announcement today that they are suspending all counternarcotics and law enforcement cooperation with the USA after Pelosi's visit we can presume it is going to get worse, barring much stricter border checks.


Don’t do heroin, I guess?


I know of injured firefighters, construction and warehouse workers who went from Oxycontin prescriptions to pharmacy robberies or heroin


How are they connected to the Chinese? Oh, did the Chinese make them do those things?

You say that like someone’s occupation protects them from addiction. Is it my fault they chose to take matters into their own hands? Be a good friend and tell them about the mass medical cannabis card, I know a lot of hip replacement people who have gotten by without opiates because they have a steady supply of good Bud.

For what it’s worth, I’ve lost about 20 close friends to heroin and probably closer to 100 classmates. I also live about 2 miles from Mass and Cass and I’ve overcome several of my own substance abuse problems. Help is available if you want it.


it just gives it more attention. wouldn't it be better for her to just report to 311 and have it removed? doesn't this just send this idiots message to more eyeballs?

Without a photo, 311 would have marked it resolved within 15 min. Makes it hard for them to ignore.


i just hate the thought of this idiot siting at his computer enjoying the attention

most likely a homeless mentally ill addict using services at the nearby St. Francis House who doesn't have a computer


It's the sort of thing I wrestle with every single time something like this, or various Nazi stuff, comes up.

On the one hand, why give them publicity?

On the other hand, ignoring all of it lets it fester and grow. Sometimes I'll go the ignore route, but I decided this time to air it out to let people (including people who seem to think stuff like this isn't really happening) know that, in fact, even here not everything is OK.


...I think this is answered by the Elie Wiesel statement about neutrality favoring the oppressor. "Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." The "don't give them the satisfaction/attention" argument seems to be made, overwhelmingly, by those who aren't targeted. I don't believe that more eyeballs seeing this message is going to persuade more people to say, "You know what? You're right! It's the Chinese killing everybody! Yeah! And so let's graffiti Boston Chnatown!". What I think it does is make more people who aren't targeted aware that shit like this happens.

By City Councilor Ed Flynn, who represents Chinatown.


Now if we could only deal with that hate speech on UHub

"Churches are closing because religion is a scam and the Catholic Church is a pedophile ring."
- Spokeboy 8/2/2022.

Ah, the UHub double standard.


Poor fragile white man, maybe get a life and stop making mountains out of mole hills?


Yup, the guy posting Anons selectively here at his discretion is one, yes.


not “catholics are pedophiles”. the church isn’t an identity, it’s an organization. really amazing that 24 people don’t understand that distinction

"Liberty Tree Plaza" has attracted the drug addicts and alcoholics for years. I mean Combat Zone years to the present. So now an addict who didn't do well with spelling and grammar in school is blaming the Chinese for his subpar Addict's Brain.