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Thunder? Lightning? Could those mean, gasp, rain?

Slow motion lightning strikes as storm rolls into Boston

Gamma Ray Digital posted some slo-mo video from Allston of the storm rolling in along the turnpike.

So far here in Rosindale, we're getting wind, thunder and lightning, but no rain.

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Is under water


I suspect it started dumping soon after he posted. It was dumping by Healy field pretty good for a while.


We got thunder but almost no rain. It skipped right to the south.

The lack of rain is not good.


Up here along the Hyde Park frontier.


No rain at all in in any of the storms for us in HP.

I live up on Grew Hill. We didn't get much. My spouse spotted flooding over by Walk Hill, though.


Fallon Field-ish got a medium-to-light shower. An hour later the puddles were gone.

Now it's raining on Grew Hill. Relatively lightly.

A very nice, but short, downpour in the Bourne neighborhood.

Short term cloud burst in Uphams Corner. No enough.

_aren't_ exploding trains and buses?


The flowers directly under someone's air conditioner over in one of buildings next to ours are thriving and never looked healthier from the 24/7 dripping water. Birds have been drinking from it.

It looks like the rain was very localized. In Fields Corner, Dorchester we got close to a quarter inch of fast wind-driven rain around 5 PM yesterday. Better than nothing.

BWSC has this poorly-designed but still useful rainfall tracker page on their website. Lately it looks like they've removed a number of stations and some of the ones still showing up are no longer working. Dorchester (Boston's largest neighborhood) is down to one station at the Adams Village library and it hasn't worked for a while. Anyone know what's up with that?