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Tufts Medical Center doctor fired after arrest in child-sex sting


Tufts Daily reports Tufts Medical Center fired Dr. Sadeq Ali Quraishi, an anesthesiologist, yesterday, three days after Homeland Security agents arrested him as part of the same sting operation that snared a convicted sex offender from Lexington.

Quraishi, 45, is currently in federal custody awaiting a detention hearing on Tuesday. He was arrested at a hotel in Waltham last Wednesday, according to records on file at US District Court in Boston. Like David Chris Cannon, arrested Thursday, also in Waltham, he was charged with attempted sex trafficking of a child.

Quraishi, who is also an intensive-care and nutrition specialist, had been at Tufts Medical Center since 2019, serving as vice chairman of its anesthesiology program and director of the Tufts Anesthesiology Research Center, as well as a professor at Tufts Medical School, according to his LinkedIn page. In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, he helped lead efforts to find more ventilators and related equipment for seriously ill patients. He had previously worked for eight years at Mass. General in a variety of roles including as a doctor in the hospital's cardiac ICU.

According to an affidavit by a Homeland Security Investigations agent, Quraishi responded to a fake ad agents placed Tuesday on a Web site believed to advertise young girls for sex. The ad was a different one than the one placed the same day that Cannon allegedly responded to, but as with Cannon, when Quraishi allegedly contacted the number he was offered his choice of a 12-year-old girl, a 14-year-old girl, or both.

Quraishi, the affidavit states, agreed to pay $200 - or $250 without a condom - for time alone with the 14-year-old, including anal sex. But first, he needed bonafides, and allegedly asked "Uh, are you a cop?" The undercover Homeland Security agent replied "No way. just trying to make a living best way we know how."

"Oh, OK," Quraishi replied, the affidavit continues, adding that the agent then asked Quraishi if he were a cop. The are you/are you bantering continued, even as Quraishi was asking if "backdoor" action was OK.

9824 Number [Quraishi]: You've got me interested ... and you're absolutely not involved with any law enforcement in any way?

[Agent] fuck no. I was arrested in New mexico once when i was younger. that dont count i hope lol

9824 Number Lol no

[Agent] you not a serial killer right?

9824 Number Fuck no!

Quraishi then said he was in East Boston, but could be on his way soon, but he admitted to some guilt about the girl being just 14, the affidavit continues: "if you were to tell me she's 16 or older and just looks young enough to pass off for 14 that would be a different thing." The agent tried to convince him that "there is no guilt sex is a naruaal thing," but added that it wouldn't be a problem if Quraishi did change his mind and decided to call things off.

Quraishi got in his car and headed off, still texting what he thought was the girl's mother, keeping her posted as he got closer and finally arrived in the parking lot of a Waltham hotel, which was described only as "part of a national chain of hotels."

UC2 [an agent] and QURAISHI met in the hotel's parking lot. UC2 asked QURAISHI to show UC2 the cash to be paid for the commercial sex act. QURAISHI flashed a wad of cash from his pocket and showed it to UC2. UC2 gave QURAISHI a hotel key card and told him “no rough stuff” with her daughters. QURAISHI acknowledged UC2's request.

Following the exchange of the cash and the foregoing discussion, law enforcement officers arrested QURAISHI and took him into custody. Incident to arrests, law enforcement agents searched QURAISHI and found a cell phone. An agent called then called the 9824 Number and observed that the cell phone they seized from QURAISHI rang.

Innocent, etc.

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If the premium for doing the deed sans jimmy hat is a mere 25%, bolt.

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Have you um, given a lot of thought to this sort of situation?

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With math.

Ain't much of a hooker game in Vermont.

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Anesthesiologists make somewhere in the realm of $400k around here. Tack on a bit more for his professorship and research head positions.

So the question is… What kind of person makes half a million dollars a year but still trolls Craigslist (or an equally sordid site) for sex?

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A pedophile.
He was not looking for an expensive escort.

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Do wealthy people hire escorts? Yes. Are there adult sex workers who keep a list of such clients? Yes. Why would wealthy people do this? They don't want a relationship, they want sex, perhaps an attractive companion for a party or event at times, too.

But make no mistake: this doctor isn't being arrested and fired for "trolling craigslist/other site" for sex - he was arrested and fired for deliberately going to sites where the trafficking and raping of children is for sale and arranging to pay to rape a young girl or two.

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So the question is… What kind of person makes half a million dollars a year but still trolls Craigslist (or an equally sordid site) for sex?

Add a few zeros to the income, substitute “cheap sordid strip-mall brothels” for sordid websites, and maybe some local sports franchise owners might be able to help you understand the appeal.

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Why is the Department of Homeland Security running pedophile sting operations?

How is within their stated mission?

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also related to federal jurisdiction over production and dissemination of child pornography, and traveling interstate or internationally for pedophile purpose

DHS posted a fake ad on a foreign website, so international crime

The internet being what it is, they can't shut a foreign website down.

1st and 4th amendment being what they are, they can't monitor all US traffic to that website and punish visitors.

All they can do is troll guys already showing a disposition to offend by visiting that website, and set the hook of a fake ad to catch them.

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There was an article recently about how DHS's terrorism initiative is largely winding down, and now they're pivoting to social media disinformation or something: https://theintercept.com/2022/10/31/social-media-disinformation-dhs/

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whose job it is to write things like "there is no guilt sex is a [natural] thing" to try to close the deal with wannabe child molesters.

(Also uh... posting an ad is one thing, but I feel like that line is edging reaaaally close to entrapment? Unless there's some very important missing context, it sounds like they're encouraging the guy! I wonder how often the agents cross that line in their pursuit of a potential arrest and end up with the case thrown out in court.)

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