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Man shot to death on Whittier Street in Roxbury

UPDATE: Boston Police identify the victim as Alexander Mervin, 22, of Revere.

Boston Police report a man in his early 20s was fatally shot at 31 Whittier St. around 1:45 p.m.

He is Boston's first murder victim this year.



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“Mixed usage.”

Even the venerable LJVale questioned its feasibility.

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Right directly across the street from police headquarters how does the commissioner have a job the police are the ones doing these shootings

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There is an interesting study to be done on the impact of weather/temperature and shootings.

First day that we break 40 degrees in two weeks and there are 3 shootings? Probably stay inside tomorrow...

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When your entire body is shivering , high winds blowing snow in your face , and the thick bubble coat limits movement..

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