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Brighton man charged as Green Line trolley groper


Transit Police report arresting Louis Bernal, 67, on a charge of indecent assault and battery for an incident on a B Line trolley Wednesday night.

Police say Bernal sat next to a woman and "began to make inappropriate offers to her." Then he groped her, police say.

The driver stopped the trolley at Washington Street, as two other riders stood over the guy to make sure he stayed put until police arrived to arrest him.

Innocent, etc.



Kudos to the trolley driver and passengers who made sure this creep was arrested.

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That creep deserved to be apprehended, arrested, and hopefully be put behind bars for awhile.

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Was it a week ago, when many were trying not to identify some Harvard student arrested by police, because he was a Harvard student?

Sexual assault is much worse than indecent exposure or whatever the Harvard student could be charged with, but let's wait for the judicial process to make a determination, before we all rush to call this elderly person a creep.

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But since I was the one griping about outing the drug addled Harvard student, let me tell you the difference. The Harvard kid has his whole life ahead of him, and his actions were more self directed and most likely the results of poor decision making that college students make. This guy is well advanced in years and, if the charges are correct, physically assaulted someone. The former will have to deal with people "googling" him while the latter, well, I'll be crass and note there's a chance he doesn't use the internet, and anyway this site and BPD News are probably the only places where this will be noted.

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Great job by the Green Line Guardian Angels.

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He looks nice.

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...while the police were interrogating this guy at the Washington Street stop. Must have been the trolley ahead of us. The police were asking him where he lived, and he was so drunk, he was borderline incoherent. Glad the bystanders intervened on this poor woman's behalf.

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