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Man shot at Massachusetts Avenue T stop; suspect nabbed

UPDATED, 8:45 a.m., Thursday.

Stanley Staco reports a man was shot around 9:50 p.m. behind the Massachusetts Avenue T stop.

State Police report the victim, 34, was shot several times in the Southwest Corridor Park and was taken away in bad shape. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reported Thursday morning he is in critical condition at a local hospital, but that he is expected to survive.

State Police add:

Boston Police had arrested a suspect in a courtyard in the area of Columbus Avenue and Dilworth Street. The suspect is identified as Lushaun Gay, 26. BPD officers responded to that location and found the suspect hiding under a stairwell. The Officers recovered from Gay’s backpack a loaded Jimenez Arms 9mm pistol.

Orange Line service was briefly held at Massachusetts Avenue as Transit Police officers searched a train after the shooting.

Northeastern Police issued a shelter-in-place warning for its buildings near Mass. Ave.

Innocent, etc.



Good job by all the police who responded and who checked buses, trains, etc and found the suspect. I can't imagine how a police officer searches a crowded bus or a train for an armed suspect with a gun who has just shot someone. Very dangerous situation.

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Seems like BPD did the brunt of this and Staties are taking credit?

Just more proof, along with their rampant corruption, that BPD is far superior and should give up the Seaport.

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For better or worse, we still have boundaries between state and Boston police jurisdictions in the city, and who made the announcement is a result of that, not anything having to do with aggrandizement.

The shooting happened in the Southwest Corridor Park, which is owned by the state DCR, so State Police have jurisdiction - and its detectives, not BPD's, will handle the investigation (same exact thing happened the other day with a shooting on Truman Parkway, a state road, in Hyde Park). Yes, a Boston cop found the guy in an alley off Columbus Avenue, which is a city street, but jurisdiction goes with where the crime occurred, not where the suspect was arrested. Had the guy shot the victim on Columbus and been arrested in the Southwest Corridor Park, the reverse would have happened - BPD would have announced the arrest, and assigned its detectives to the case, not the State Police.

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The MBTA owns the property on the Southwest corridor but turned over management of the property to the old MDC which later evolved into DCR. I believe that Transit, MSP and BPD all have police jurisdiction on the Southwest corridor which makes the battle for the seaport look even sillier.

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A gentleman named Graney sued for lack of security on the corridor and it was shown in court that the MBTA owns the corridor.

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All of those half-baked mini-parks are becoming havens for bad activity. Build up the mini park spots, put more eyes on the streets and sidewalks, and replace the mini-parks with new better green space amenities in Carter.

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