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Shirt stripper with tattooed wings still sought for Kenmore Square bank robbery in July

Wanted for Kenmore Square bank robbery

The FBI's bank-robbery task force has released photos of a man who held up the Santander Bank branch in Kenmore Square around 12:30 p.m. on July 5.

He's described at 5'9" to 5'11" with a thin build, in his 20s and with a large tattoo featuring wings on his chest.

If he looks or sounds familiar, contact Trooper Steven Wohlgemuth at 617-892-0145.


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If arrested, he should try to get his venue changed to that North Shore courthouse and appear before Judge Feeley. Remember Judge Feeley? He’s the guy that dismissed the charge against that heroin dealer because, according to the knowledgeable jurist, the heroin dealer was only seeking drugs to make money. I assume this fellow was only robbing the bank to make some money, so why would we want to lock him up? Just leave the poor guy alone. He has a right to make money just like anyone else. He deserves the same rights as a heroin dealer, as far as I’m concerned.

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First off this is a bank robbery charge out of Kenmore sq in BOSTON which is Suffolk county not in Salem aka Essex county tired of seeing you honkies always talking down on heroin dealers especially non violent ones they shouldn’t go to jail for more than a year or 2 or tell these white kids stop getting high on it and there will be no more heroin dealers but stop expecting kids from poverty to stop hustling to make there money unless you going to give him a job for more than 12 an hr lol so stay your Donald trump fans in your own lane you don’t have a right to talk about nothing u been around lol easy to talk trash from your moms or dads big house that you didn’t work a single day. Judge Feeley had nothing to do wit this case and maybe Feeley has a eye for both sides not just the white side like you smh get help

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