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Roxbury man arrested on gun charges and not for the first time

Boston Police report arresting Rufus Davis on gun and drug charges after a SWAT team burst into his Cardington Street apartment early yesterday.

Police say that after officers armed with search warrants entered his apartment around 4:50 a.m., Davis, 52, tried to flee via the bathroom, but was taken into custody.

Base on what officers found in his apartment - including a .45 caliber semi-automatic firearm with seven rounds of ammunition in the magazine, Suboxone strips and marijuana and cocaine in plastic bags - police say, Davis was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, second and subsequent violation, unlawful possession of ammunition and possession of marijuana and Class B drugs with intent to distribute. He was also charged with being a Level II armed career criminal, which would mean a long sentence if he's convicted on the other charges.

In 2005, Davis was arrested on gun charges on Humboldt Avenue by officers who first tried to stop him for riding a scooter down a sidewalk without a helmet.

Innocent, etc.

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Are useless when not enforced.
Let's pass more.

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Welcome to Boston Massachusetts, where our AG makes ridiculous rules regarding firearms and local laws are among the most strict in the country for people who follow the rules - and actually follow the law. Make anti-gun folks "feel" good.

But if you area career criminal scumbag (ie the people actually DOING THE SHOOTING AND KILLING) who likes to carry illegal firearms (and carry drugs, and assault police officers, etc.) then don't worry - you'll get a slap on the wrist and be back on the streets of Boston in no time - to continue being a career criminal scumbag.

My guess is that this fine gentleman will be back hanging around Egleston Square in a jiff.

and the beat goes on.

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People keep committing murder. Should we abandon laws against murder?

People keep speeding. Time to drop speeding laws?

People keep shoplifting. Time to make it legal?

People keep ripping tags off mattresses. You get the idea.

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They arrested him in 2005, and not even 14 years later, they arrested him again.

Perhaps the idea is that if you are arrested for possession of an illegal firearm, you should get a mandatory minimum of at least 15 years in prison. I mean, until someone is arrested for the same crime 19 years after the first time, then we'll make the mandatory minimum 20 years. I mean, until someone is arrested for the same crime 24 years...

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Not really sure what you are trying to go with this. I am for the enforcement of all laws - especially those relevant in this case.

You know, the ones that actually decrease the likelihood of me, my family, or some other innocent Bostonian getting shot by a criminal dirtbag because he is continually allowed to return to the population and put all of our lives in danger.

BTW - glad you can make light of the situation (i fail to see how its funny), but comparing repeated illegal possession of a FIREARM to shoplifting and ripping the tag off a mattress is just a bad take.

Again, these are the guys that are KILLING people in our city - yet they are repeatedly let back out on the streets. This, at the same time when our "leaders" are patting each other on the back regarding our strict gun laws.

If a person in our city repeatedly commits crimes involving illegal firearms, they should go away for a long, LONG time - period. Until then, all of the hopes and prayers, and marches, and increasingly strict restrictions on law-abiding citizens, and empty talk from our "leaders" is for nothing.

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And in rereading your original message, I see I misread it the first time, for which I apologize.

To be honest, I thought you were saying that because people break gun laws, the gun laws don't work. It's a common argument by Second Amendment types and I should have read what you wrote more slowly because (and correct me if I'm still wrong), you were really arguing that we need better enforcement of the laws that are already on the books by the judicial system.

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And please keep writing about these cases. It's imoortant. Thanks.

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This guy is very embodiment of incorrigible career criminal.

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